Belarusians and soon got used to the heat

Mr."I just say for example that from the Stock Exchange work on the farm and in this heat I spend the whole day on the field under the sun. What might be ready? "

Mrs."Of course not prepared. We're just not used to this heat. "

Her friend"We are just suffering from the heat. We're not in Australia, for example, where such temperatures — is the norm. "

Mrs."Yes, it's hot, but I have not thought of."

Mr."And I think that's not so hot, you can still suffer and endure."

Mrs."Why are not prepared? Prepared. And among other things, we have to Brest quite often rains. "

Mrs."I love this weather. We did not install it. And about preparedness or not — I do not know, it's difficult to make an assessment. "

Mr."I think that prepared. It is good that you can soak up the sun. "

Mrs."I think that now everything is prepared and ready for anything. Quickly becomes a habit so hot. "


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