Belarusians make love domestic beer

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers Chairman of concern "Belgospischeprom" Ivan Danchenko, Belarus is going to reduce the share of imported beer in the domestic market to 5% from the current 30%.

However, it does not happen tomorrow, but over the next five years. Today, government officials considered the outcomes of the program for the development of the brewing industry2006-2010 years and came to a disappointing conclusion — Belarusian beer market is actually divided between the Russian and Ukrainian producers.

Given the disappointing for Belarusian Brewers trends outlined goals for the next five years — an increase of Belarusian exports and reduce imports to 5% of the domestic market.

"Belgospischeprom" also proposes to introduce a beer in the balance so-called Union State of Belarus and Russia, which will equalize the volume of import and export beer products from Russia. On inhibitions Ukrainian beer is not reported.


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