Between the barracks and bunks

"Derailed" from the army — not the usual task, but totally doable. Secured city dwellers pay around $ 3 — 5 million and a quiet life couple — three years before the problem will not go away by any other way. No — still accumulate denezhek, and up to date.
The province is more difficult, of course, with earnings, but there is a shortage, and at times less, still works the myth that army makes a man out of a guy.

Poor refuseniks until now had to run from voenkomovskih agendas, because under the law, that fall under article 382 of the Criminal Code "Evasion of military and other civilian service," a person must personally sign for a summons. No autographs, took, imagine you on the street cops, were taken to the military and the maximum that in this case threatens: without any ships silly BOAD. And do not catch up to 27 years — live, the council no no.

Because the military each year trumpeting Straseni shortfall. Despite the fact that now serve only a year, more than 230 thousand people shy away from the service, and for the past two years the number of escapees from the oath grown by as much as 17%!

This setback Federation Council of fiction legislation designed to fundamentally change the function call to military service. Instead of purpose to deliver the agenda to their homes and give them new recruits by hand, Commissioner himself expects them to visit. During the 2-weeks after the age of each potential fighter perceive in the military and will issue a summons to the draft board. A boy does not have time, no matter where he was in the two ill-fated weeks of their lives, even in the intensive care unit, at least in the world cruise or on Everest personally acquainted with military commissar at his residence — the tribunal and the sky in a cage.

According to the military, the bullpen for two years in any case worse than the army for a year. Guys, they say, do not fool, elected from 2-evils the least.

Is this true? I think the legislators are very flattering.

In 1-x, if at the time of the military running for their possible contingent, then imagine what it means for the police to get twice a year, hundreds of thousands on the federal wanted list evaders can exclusively in a bad dream.

I wish to see how the cops, leaving all things, will scour every man between 18 and 27 years on the street, identified on signs, seek presentation agenda, check with a non-existent base, etc. Later put the crowds in the monkey, carry out in the overloaded courts, etc. — About a similar triumph of justice can only dream bellied rats and assessors rear upper house of parliament, srodu "on the ground" is not working.

In-2, who said that army better bullpen? What is it or even worse, at least, far more dangerous.

Ordinary fighter where disenfranchised at least some prisoner. Draftee — slave military system, at least some currently designed to die on someone's orders. A convicted offender though just limited freedom, but to wage war will not go. Well, no more of the Gulag. Felon all just have to work hard here and sluggish, and not on the Stalinist prison.

Compare the statistics of deaths and injuries in the army and in our prison system — get the numbers in favor of the latter. In the bullpen, if it is not "Tiny" virtually no bullying, and 90% of seating to "common mode" — ordinary hooligans, the same men, only in robes rather than tunics.

From the moral point of view in the Russian army, except for some elite units, reign even more materialistic and degrading to human pros orders than in correctional facilities. In the case of the ill-fated Army soldier or death is a statistic loss of personnel (far not zero), while in the camps no matter how forcefully death or injury — the same PE as on the outside.

In general, apart from purely moral side of things (the tribunal — Colony instead of Oath — Barracks), not much that can motivate the "ideological" evaders voluntarily surrender "boots"-commanders.

Military, and together with them, and legislators, and not realized the Ordinary thing: RF needs a modern contract system instead of the universal service, slavery, inherited from the Soviet Union on the heritage and junk all the worst ills of conscription.

Instead of purpose to oblige the young people to sue the Ministry of Defence, taking regular unworkable laws, the government should make the service pretty, respectable, profitable, after all. And we all totalitarian ideologeme run: every conscious citizen must give nurtured his homeland military duty.

Yes would be given with pleasure, but not for the construction of houses and generals not to trenching "on the fence before lunch." So, dear MPs, do not frighten you little boys ugolovkoy better turn around to experience all the neighbors west of the Bug and Vistula and start, after all, to create conditions for normal life and not to dream about the execution evaders.

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