Between the former rebels in Tripoli began a new battle

On Wednesday, the Libyan capital Tripoli fighting broke out. At this time by the various parties were rebels. Armed conflict appeared between factions of the cities of Misurata and Zintan, ITAR-TASS news agency, referring to the correspondent of "Reuters", located on the ground.

In Tripoli armed groups of various Libyan cities entered in August 2011 and since then shall be removed to leave city. On the territory of the capital of Libya's former rebels were based their base, and city is divided into zones of influence. Clashes between allies who overthrew the Gaddafi regime, occur frequently.

Now armed confrontation began in the central part of town, not far from the coast. In this area are located office buildings and a five star hotel "Marriott".

As reported by witnesses in the course of collisions by using anti-aircraft guns mounted on jeeps. Clubs dark smoke rise up over the quarter. Fighters from Zintan come, and troops arriving from Misrata, being a former police academy, keeping defenses. Area cordoned off fighting the MVD, but conflict they do not interfere. It is not clear what was the premise of the conflict.

Now the role of the central authority makes the Libyan NTC (Transitional Council of State), based in Benghazi — the second largest town of the country. Management of PNS after the overthrow of Gaddafi promised that takes headquarters in the capital, but it still did not work. PNS often sought by groups of former rebels out of Tripoli, but refuses to obey their commanders.

"Even despite the fact that in the capital there are representatives of the interim government, feeling that in the town there is a powerful, unified power capable of ensuring order and security, still not — complain Ukrainian doctors working in Tripoli. — In the evening, members of the international community and local residents on the street trying not to go out. "

"Among the inhabitants Tripoli discontent grows socio-economic sphere. That is, people are unhappy with the same increase in prices for the main food and everyday power outages, "- stated the doctors.

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