Beware of scammers! Carefully, BAD! watch online

Beware of scammers!  Carefully, BAD!  watch online
"Carefully, BAD!. "In Russia, the market turnover at the biological level supplements is estimated at millions baksov.Vysochayshy demand for generic pills for at least some ailments stepped up and swindlers. Under the guise of dietary supplements offenders are usually sold at a cost of chalk used cars. But the men in the pursuit of health ready to give the last penny, but many of them, this race can cost lives!
At 1st a very old man, offenders eased the purse of 23 million rubles! And all because of a naive senior citizen heartily wished to assist someone from their own unhealthy relatives. And correspondents applets themselves purchased in a pharmacy ascorbic acid-stick label and tried to implement this panacea. And in fact find their own customers!
How not to fall for the bait scams, say leading applets.

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