Bewitched Markov was in the hospital, while Knightley and Maklakova died during the filming of native




Vampire (Anna Dubrovskaja)

In the last issue of "fatties" we are told about who auditioned for the role of the first Russian blockbuster "Night Watch", and that some of the actors were afraid to play evil. After the publication of us started calling readers with a question: were there any mystical events during filming, and the truth when they say that some of the actors who played the dark forces chased misery? We asked these questions by the actors. Today we are publishing their opinions, talk about the mysticism surrounding the film, and summarize the reader's contest.

"Vampire" Dubrovsky: I had a temperature of 41 degrees!

— I think long before agreeing to play — told us Anna. — And not even because she was afraid of "contact" with the evil spirit. But I did not want to wear makeup so ugly! I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a terrible, haggard, someone else's face — and I was not myself! And during the filming … I do not know if it can be linked with mysticism, but I suddenly jumped temperature — 41 degrees. This to me has never been! Doctors said — sore throat. I felt so bad. All sorts of thoughts came to mind, but I recovered. And I decided that ill due to a strong surge, not because of the role.

I am baptized, believer, but not pious. I can not say that this role once tormented me in a spiritual sense. But in the sequel, "Watch," I refused to appear. This is a conscious decision, I believe that I do not need it.


American TV «Fox Searchlight» signed a contract to rent movies "Night Watch" (the U.S. box office movie goes under the name of «Night Watch») and a new "Day Watch" by paying $ 4 million. In addition, acquired the rights to produce the third film based on the novel Lukyanenko.

Actor Alex MAKLAKOV (driver Simon), "Night Watch" awakened dark forces!

— In June of last year in Ryazan we filmed another episode of "Night Watch". I called my mother at night. She had a cheerful voice. Although my mother was 76 years old, nothing serious, it did not hurt. We chatted, I told her about the film. The next day, her phone did not answer. And one day — too.

In the evening, I suddenly ached heart, and I jerked to her mother in the suburbs. I went over to the apartment, and the door is open for some reason …

The doctors said that my mother had a stroke. But who opened the door, and it's why the neighbors did not notice? Why in these two days no one to my mother did not go, though usually a neighbor several times a day to run up?

I am now convinced that these shots we lift a some terrible force. I feel like playing with them is dangerous.

I, honestly, lost all desire is not only to act in the other "Watch", but generally live. My mother was my only close friend, dearest friend ….

Even when the material went to press, we once again call Maklakov and learned that the actor is urgently hospitalized with a heart attack. Doctors say he microinfarction …

We Keira Knightley was a tragedy too — during the filming of his dead father, Yuri Aaronovitch, born in 1946. He was an engineer by profession, and later worked as an auditor. The last years of his life sick. Constantine has just started filming in "The Night Watch", as he told his father about the terrible diagnosis — cancer. Knightley was in a hurry from filming to visit him in the hospital and had even considered leaving shooting. But the father himself insisted that his son continued the work.

Knightley strongly dislocated leg bitten his Doberman. And at the very end of filming it was reported — the actor's father died.

Mom actor Tatiana suffered heavy loss, but talk about mysticism immediately slapped down, saying he did not want to discuss it.

In addition, during the filming of his father died, and one of the producers of the film, Alexis Kublitskii.

Rimma Markova: It is very bad!

We wrote that the role of the sorceress Daria offered Akhedzhakova and Lou Gehrig, but they refused to play out of superstition. Markov was not afraid.

— Actor should play any role — both positive and negative. This is his profession — said Rimma V., when two weeks ago I called her home. And she added: — I can not talk now, something I feel so bad! Choking cough, waiting for her daughter to drugs. Call in a week!

When last week the actress called back to the mobile, then barely recognized her voice:

— I'm in the hospital, I had pneumonia. She tried to recover, but now here … not soon be seen, get out of here. We'll talk when get better …

I wished the actress recovery.

Svetlana (Poroshina) and Ignat (Kucenko)

Kucenko rejected the ex-wife

Maria Poroshina ("funnel" Svetlana)

— On the set of "Night Watch" I almost broke my leg. Filming a scene in the subway, when I go out of the car and confronted with Keira Knightley. In one takes stumbled and got a foot in the gap between the cars and the apron. Lost her balance and fell. Pain wild! How many times went on the subway, and so foolishly dropped by shootings!

— They say you played together with her ex-husband?

— Yes. I have already been approved in the film, and then found out that my partner will Gosha Kutsenko. He and I have lived five years in a civil union, we have a daughter, she was eight and a half years. But with Gosha we have long been separated.

— According to the movie Kucenko seduces you, you reject it, but as it was in life?

— Do not talk about it … I am married. Husband — actor Elijah Ancients. Do not want to then there were rumors about me and Goshi. In loving episode played former spouses — is a rarity, and mysticism or coincidence, decide for yourself.


Natalia BEKHTEREV, academician and RAMS, scientific director of the Institute of Human Brain:

— Death of relatives actors during the filming of the movie is not in any way related. The fact that the actress temperature rose to 41 degrees — perhaps a consequence of stress. The role has an effect on human health. Usually we try to put out a unpleasant experiences, feelings. But the actor, who plays something negative, is forced to re-create the negative emotions, and it's a big load. In the brain, experienced actors to produce its own protection. A young actors in a stressful situation, probably, and requires medical supervision. But to do that physicians need to explain these new things …

Father Michael, the father of the Moscow church-chapel of the Archangel Michael of God:

— I think the role of the evil forces may have consequences in the lives of the actors. For us to come to the temple theater and say that you can play too and move transformation in life. And some of the actors — such as Alexander Mikhailov, Tatyana Vasilyeva — I heard her take a blessing from the priest-confessor before something to play. Personally, I would probably not blessed by the role he is unclean …

Directed by Timur Bekmambetov:

— Yes, the actors were afraid to play evil. And we were afraid to shoot! Therefore invited the priest to bless the set. Some of the actors turned to the priest for a blessing … But a special mystique was not on the set. And I do not believe you can self-fulfilling prophecy, shooting a film about vampires. Just at the moment when filming a movie, as if we opened the "door" to the underworld, and then tightly closed …

Sum up the competition

The correct answer to the first task: "superfluous phrase" — "You're a witch!" (In the movie "Ivan Vasilievich" king (Yakovlev,) says her wife Bunsha (Krachkovskaya).

In the second task we asked readers to remember the actors 'Night Watch', appearing in commercials.

Here is the list:

Victor Wierzbicki (Zebulun) — in the advertising of the bank "Imperial";
Maria Poroshina (Svetlana, "funnel") — in advertising refreshing tablets "Rondo";
Egor Drones (Shreds) — a few commercials (including in advertising Alfa-Bank);
Igor Savochkin (CHP employee, whose mother dies) — in advertising, "KamAZ" ("Tanks are not afraid of mud"), vodka "Leader";
Gosha Kutsenko (Ignat) — in advertising mint lozenges;
Gorin (CHP employee's partner) — in advertising Alfa Bank;
Zhanna Friske — in advertising juice "Jay Seven";
Alex Maklakov (driver Simon) — in advertising, "Bee Line".

The winners are:

Julia Ahmetdyanova from Naberezhnye Chelny, Stas Kosuhin from Krasnodar, Alexander Gusev from Tambov, Kate Selivanov from Volgograd and Yevgeniya Cheleeva from Samara.

Please contact a winner by phone at (095) 257-56-68.

Inga Capyrin ("KP" — Novosibirsk ") August 26, 2004

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