Bilderberg further plans for Russia

The annual secret Bilderberg conference, which gathers the powers of the world of finance, business, politics and the media, this year held in Chantilly, Virginia. Hotel Marriott Vestfilds allowed formal and informal meetings to get guests from the airport so secretly as possible, avoiding the crowds of protesters, from both the progressive "invaders" and the conservative "Tea Party", who gathered on the perimeter security, set up for this "private "Conference.

Bilderberzhtsev at the meeting this year included three guest from Russia. However, in contrast to the establishment of such persons as the Western United States, Britain, Germany, France and Canada, two of the three were Russian opposition to Putin. Attended the Bilderberg Conference 2012, Anatoly Chubais, and Garry Kasparov, who are leading the anti-Putin Russian politicians.

Most Russian Chubais criticized for its rampant privatization of Soviet and Russian state entities under President Boris Yeltsin and Prime Minister Chernomyrdin. The main beneficiaries of privatization was a bunch of Russian businessmen, who soon became billionaire oligarchs. Many of the oligarchs and soon were in prison or in exile in Britain and Israel, to avoid criminal prosecution in Russia. Today Chubais is the head of Russia's leading nanotechnology company "Rusnano".

In the conclave Chantilly Chubais directly communicated with the robbers of Wall Street, including the former senior boss of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, as well as the Minister of Finance under President Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin, chairman of Goldman Sachs International Peter Sutherland and the current vice-chairman of Citigroup, Peter Orszag.

Chubais also held meetings with the U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. McFaul, and a number of U.S. ambassadors new generation tends to grossly interfere in the internal affairs of the country in which it is located. After a recent meeting with Chubais, McFaul publicly lamented the fact that after the meeting he waited NTV journalists. Showing all the signs of obsession with conspiracy theories, McFaul lamented that his e-mail and phone calls the monitored Russian media, giving the public information about what he was going to do and who to meet.

The leader of the United Civil Front Russia Kasparov, together with his colleague Boris Nemtsov are leading members of the Russian opposition to Putin. Moreover, the Germans — old political ally Chubais. Chubais, Nemtsov and Kasparov are from the political ideology of the "neo-liberal", which is supported by such currency and stock speculators like George Soros. Neoliberals, if they could come to power in Russia, would transform Russia, making it totally dependent on the whim dictates and financial elite of New York, London and Frankfurt.

Bilderberg 2012 meeting was not without the attention of American protesters who abhor the backroom discussions of global elites, meets regularly to discuss and outline the scheme at such meetings as the Bilderberg, G-8, G-20, Davos and the lesser known, but no less important annual Ambrosetti Forum, called "mini-Davos", and takes place in Cernobbio on Lake Como, Italy. This year, protesters from the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and the right-wing "Tea Party" have joined forces to bring attention to the secret deals, which was conceived in the walls at the Chantilly Virginia.

Although Russia is definitely on the agenda of Bilderberg meeting this year, as evidenced by the presence at the meeting of the two figures of the Russian opposition, she was not the only country that is targeted for global secret rulers. Bashar al-Assad was also in the hit list bilderberzhtsev. Attended the meeting and Bassma Kodmani — a member of the executive bureau and spokesman for External Relations of the Syrian National Council, an umbrella organization that includes veteran guerrilla "Al-Qaeda" in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. As a further evidence of collusion Western elites controlled destructive forces were present and leading neoconservatives such as Richard Perle of the American Enterprise Institute, who is a regular at the Bilderberg meetings, as well as famous Zionist Dennis Ross, and reliable apologist for Arab Israeli and U.S. Fouad Ajami of the Hoover Institution .

The presence of the media bosses is also a feature of the meetings of the club. Attended the Bilderberg 2012 conference chairman and head of Washington Post Company, Donald Graham, a member of the elite Council on Foreign Relations and a host of US Public Broadcasting System Charlie Rose Show, The Economist editor John Mikltueyt, chief economics commentator Martin Wolf, Financial Times, CEO of the French Le Eric Izrailevich Monde, editor of Turkish newspaper Hurriyet news Enis Berberogly, Jonas Bonnier of the Swedish media giant Bonnier AB and the owner of the Austrian newspaper Der Standard Oscar Bronner. Bilderberg meetings are held with no press coverage, so it is obvious that the members of the media do not serve the interests of the fourth power, or the profession of journalism, and act as intermediaries for the architects of the "new world order."

As a gesture of goodwill Bilderberg shows "transparency" by publishing the names of the participants. However, this list is not true. Although the list and includes those who attend all conferences, however, he misses those who get to meet privately. The names of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton never appeared in the list of invitees to the meeting of the club in 2008, also held in Chantilly. However, there is good reason to believe that both of them were present at the conference.

For all its zloveschesti, Bilderberg is instructive in many ways. Being largely the brainchild of a collaborator with the Nazis, the late Dutch Prince Bernhard, in the years after the war in Europe drew Bilderberg and many pro-Israel businessmen and bankers. Cooperation "Israelis" with an organization created Nazi collaborators, illustrates the senseless nature of the left right and Zionist Semitic paradigm in the world Bilderberg. In the minds of elites, political labels and epithets are but trifles and food for the disenfranchised masses. For in the end what matters is brute strength and incredible wealth.


Bilderberg Group — a group of 120-140 influential people who gather each year to discuss policy. These meetings are closed to the public.

This chart will show up on Facebook, shows the relationships with members of corporations, charities, political groups and the media. About this group there are many conspiracy theories, including those who claim that they control the world economy.

See the scheme in full

It would take a graph with some disbelief, after all quite easy to track any human relationship with the corporation, if not stated, the influence of which has a particular member.

But perhaps this is a good reason to why these meetings must be open.

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