Binge elements

Fallen trees, torn billboards and a de-energized the city — in the metropolitan region took a squally wind. In the north-east of Moscow one person injured — he was wounded falling advertising design. But most of all got parked near trees machines.

About rampant weather forecasters warned early in the morning on Wednesday. Patchy rain, overcast skies and wind gusts that reached 17 meters per second, did not leave the metropolis during the day. Storm warning announced at 12:00 and canceled only by 21:00. Not without damage.

Abelmanovskaya collapsed in the street tree, narrowly missing person. "I was standing under a tree, indeed they did not make the barrel" — shows an eyewitness.

Fallen tree crumple parked beside the car and closed off one lane. As a result, in the evening a traffic jam on the street. Had to call for help controllers.

Another tree in the National Park "Elk Island" did not withstand natural disaster. As a result, no light for a few hours was the suburban town of Korolev.

"Unfortunately, based on the status of a national park within its territory is forbidden to cut through the clearing along the power lines. Were wind gusts up to 17-20 meters per second. Apparently under the influence of one of the wind gusts a tree fell on a power line," — says Vitali Strugovets , Director of Public Relations of JSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company".

"At 16:00 it turned out the lights. At first everything went dark, the clouds gathered, and then turned off the light," — says a local resident

Only a few hours, but work in the city literally stopped. Someone suddenly formed a shorter working day, but some had a hard time.

"Yes, flowed refrigerators, here was a lot of water, so the discomfort was complete," — says the seller.

Discomfort, fortunately, ended the evening. Storm warning forecasters no longer announced. On the contrary — to please Muscovites and residents of suburbs excellent prognosis. The weather is changing, growing in the sunny, almost summer weekends.

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