Biologists found a shark in an aquarium hairy-frog




New species of marine life, scientists usually find in the seas and oceans, but the "furry" shark, which does not swim, and jump to the bottom like a frog was found in a German aquarium Sea Star.

The body of 70-centimeter predator, nicknamed Cuddles is covered with bristles, it has a big nose and additional gills that make it different from the 405 known species of sharks.

Fins Cuddles less than that of its neighbors of the same size, but they are more muscular. With their help, she jumps.

"She jumps on the sea floor like a frog rather than swimming gracefully like most sharks, — said marine biologist and curator of the aquarium Faltermir Peter (Peter Faltermeer). — A completely new kind of shark was not found in the wild and in the aquarium for the first time. This — amazing. "

Previously, a unique shark for two years lived in an Austrian zoo, which gave it an aquarium, not realizing the rarity of the instance.

"You can not say that we are at a loss, — the representative of the Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schonbrunn) Ekkehard Wolff (Ekkehard Wolf). — We get thousands of exotic animals every year. Impossible to catalog them all."

Wolf explained that the zoo Cuddles came from an animal rescue center, the owner of which, obviously, I bought a shark at a pet store, where can not remember where she arrived four years earlier.

Now biologists pick a new variety of Latin and English names.

Scientists estimate that will take several years to study the Cuddles and its origins.


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