Black recruited transplant organ donors in Belarus

Ukrainian law enforcement officers stopped the activities of transnational groupings of black transplant, which included the Ukrainian surgeons from the National Institute of Surgery and transplyantalegii name Shalimova. This is pavedamlyaeagentstva "Interfax-West".

As the Head of the Department for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and kiberzlachynnastsyu Interior Minister Yuriy Kucher, together with the Department of State Border Service has exposed the activities of transnational groups, which worked for about three years, verbuyuchy citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Uzbekistan, and transporting them to Azerbaijan and Ecuador for organ transplant recipients from Israel.

According to Kucera, made up of the criminal group consisted of 12 people, and headed the organization of an Israeli citizen. "In this circuit, the four were involved in one of the leading physicians Kiev clinics — Institute Shalimova," — he said.

The driver said that the organized criminal group of donors recruited through the Internet — usually young women with good health, and offered them for 10 thousand dollars to sell the internal organs, especially the kidney. The consequence is documented to date 50 such donors. Basically it is the people of a small income.

Organizer of a criminal gang — a citizen of Israel, who picked the recipients. Recent pay for transplant organs from 100 to 200 thousand dollars. Doctors received for the operation of 15 to 20 thousand dollars. The cost of a single operation for the criminals were an average of 30 thousand dollars.

The driver said that the operation took place abroad — in Baku and in Ecuador. However, witnesses have established that several operations were held on the territory of Ukraine. According to this fact a criminal case for human trafficking.

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