BNF was encouraged to join the initiative group Kastusiou

Gregory Kastusyou — the presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front.

In a special message states that "the events of the immediate future could be key to the fate of our country. Authoritarian regime Alexander Lukashenko, which dominates the country for 16 years, has brought the nation to the edge of serious economic and political problems that threaten the collapse of its control system. However, it would be naive to say that the regime does not have the capacity to hold on to power. His chance to save man power — is the further sale of the national interest, primarily in favor of the Kremlin and the Russian oligarchs, the strengthening of political and economic repression against its own people. "

The appeal says. that "the situation in Belarus is deteriorating rapidly" and "responsibility for all this lies with the regime of Alexander Lukashenko."

"He must be ousted possible more. This task requires an extraordinary effort, the ability to unite and work selflessly, courage before the inevitable reprisals. "

The appeal called "seductive" idea that "Russia will change the regime." They say that "there is nothing more cynical, deceitful and comic for the Kremlin, alarmed democracy in neighboring countries."

As noted in the appeal, "the time requires us to take over the leadership for the sake of the protection of national interests, the interests of the Belarusian people."

"Today Belarusians can only rely on themselves. Therefore, we call on all those who care about our country, join the initiative group of the presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusiou. Now is the time when the contribution of each in favor of national values and interests of the people would bear fruit. "


BNF Kastusyou

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