Bunkers, woods, Altai Mountains: where the Russians are prepared to meet the end of the world?

Corresponding AiF.ru Lyudmila Alekseeva talked to survivalist, builder bins and ordinary citizen, and found out what they think about the next apocalypse and you are going to prepare for it.

Hours before the next X — December 21 — end of the world does not speak only lazy, but in the small town of Altai this very end of the world has begun. In the truest sense of the word. In the suburbs of Biisk power outages are not uncommon, but in December the predictions of a coming Apocalypse greatly complicated the lives of local residents.

"I live in a private home, in case of any outages in my garage are generators. To enable it, we have to make their way in the dark, — says Svetlana Stepanova, the owner of the cottage. — For this you need a good supply of candles, but for them we have developed this fight. Yesterday, nearly came to blows with the tourists for the Christmas candles. Ordinary, everyday to get here is not possible, I ask relatives from other cities to send. "

Home bunker

In their troubles Svetlana blames Muscovites — line of cars with the capital through the numbers Biysk travels to the territory of the Altai Republic, on the way by buying from local stores candles and canned meat. Periodically return — to replenish stocks. "Honestly, I'm waiting for December 21 as a holiday, there has to end this madness" — complains Svetlana.


Danila Andreyev, the founder of the first Russian company to manufacture bespoke private bunkers and shelters, problems Altai not surprised. His company has even created a project of a small village for a "survivalist" — people who are trying to protect themselves from any global catastrophe on the planet. Now it is — a philosophy, popular around the world.

"Altai — this is one of the largest natural elevations of Russia, — says Daniel. — Mountains all — Seismicity, build a shelter there — simply unreasonable. At that time, as the Altai — a place as far from all the seas and oceans. While there, too, not all areas are safe. "

However, the tours offered to meet the end of the world in the Altai, actively offered in social networks and specialized forums. Of particular concern to offer even a place in local shelters — one-pass reaches five hundred thousand.

Danila Andreyev with survivalist communicates: say, is there are those who collect provisions and goes to the Altai, but — in the minority. The rest of the skeptical attitude December 21. "We now finish the regular tank client, but it turned out that will end after December 20, — says Daniel. — But the customer is not upset. Most orders bins not to escape the end of the world, and to avoid the consequences of major catastrophes. "

For the production of private firm bunkers Daniel uses SNIP 77go year as globally, nothing has changed, and the new dangers of the Cold War has not yet been invented. "A nuclear explosion — it's like all natural disasters combined — said Daniel. — It is important to pay off a shock wave, filter out radioactive dust, bacteria, gases, sending agents. The only problem for life in the bunker — napodnenie where to get oxygen if you over 10 meters of water, but there were systems in place to create the air — out of the water and electricity. " One of the protective filters decorated office — here it is used as a base for the palm room. And for the atmosphere.

Daniel was inspired by the example of America — where private defenses are very popular in Russia, there is an interest, but the waves. "Central Russia strongly spoiled nature, has nothing to hurricanes or earthquakes do not happen. People think when there is, for example, the tragedy in Fukushima, where one of the most civilized countries of the world suddenly becomes a territory of a humanitarian disaster. "

The coming end of the world "21.12" wave of orders did not call. Daniel explains that the people concerned with safety rather think about local disasters. Apocalypse from Earth does not make sense to wait for all rockets do not fly in an instant. And from a meteorite or comet, flying to the planet, bunkers, in general, it will not help.

"Nothing can share, I'll shoot"


Muscovite Dmitri, a former employee of MOE, end of the world is waiting just not from the outside, but on the home planet. He — a veteran survivalist, jokingly calls himself paranoid, and ready for any emergency, in general, any minute. "We have a motto: do not fear the end of the world, afraid of what will happen, — says Dmitry. — I have a theory that mankind is living here, if ups is falling, a crisis, then the situation is even. I think, once an event occurs on a planetary scale: war, economic collapse, environmental disaster. And we will go on a decline, which is so steep that leveled not work. Begin degradation and mass death. "

Dmitry sure that doomsday is not much and it is necessary, in Moscow, for example, enough to shut down. "For him off heating, water supply, sewerage, no longer work shops. No heat, no food, panic. Here you have an end! — Reflects Dmitry. — Reasonable people who make stocks survive. I can not vouch for the others. "

For most stocks, Dmitry nearly caused family conflict. In the arsenal of survivalist not only banks with stewed meat (they are also everywhere, and wardrobe, and in the glove compartment of the machine), but the power gas and petrol generators, fuel supplies, gas masks. Now thinking about buying a furnace. All it takes is a lot of space, but to abandon stocks Dmitry is going. Says all — the right, you can stew for dinner to eat and warm cottage generator. Matches dipped in liquid paraffin to avoid the effects of moisture. While waiting for the end of the world.

"The Russian people used to rely on the off chance — tells survivalist. — Close friends do not support, hoping to chance, they say, but what you are, but somehow blow over. If anything, we come to you. I warned them: does not share, I'll shoot. While you can, go, buy. "

Go to the woods

Idea of building a bunker survivalist approves, but complains about the high cost. On urban refuge former MOE does not count: first, most leased for shops and parking lots. By law, in case of emergency they must vacate the premises within 12 hours. But half of the day — a long time, sometimes on takes minutes, sure survivalist. According to them, the Moscow-seekers can accommodate … about 200 thousand people. Less than five percent of the population.

Personally Dmitry develops another option: go to the woods. In his doomsday panic and looting paralyze life of major cities, and will have to seek refuge away from people. "But it can not do without training: to provide sustenance yourself, you should be able to put a bird snare, a decent tent — also a difficult task, — says Dmitry. — These questions are not solved kondachka, to learn, cook, read books, train. Hiking, fishing — all very useful event. "

In particular date doomsday Dmitry believes, but believes in its sudden onset. Therefore, on December 21 is not attached. You have to be prepared every day. For work, for business, meeting friends — Dmitriy always carries a backpack safety: there are hood from carbon monoxide poisoning, a knife, flint to make a fire. Sure — the rope. Survivalist uses parachute rafters, said they were the most comfortable and durable.

"It is highly recommended to have a polyethylene bags — reflects Dmitry. — They need to keep important things dry. Radio to listen to emergency messages. And the camera — in case the end of the world will be short-lived. Then good pictures to sell. "

Such as Dmitriy — enough in most Russian cities, they call themselves companies of survivalist. Joint training is not carried out, but contact support. Just in case there is safety in numbers, it is better to look for a decent company in advance. The forum, designed by Dmitry, attendance is growing exponentially. True, December 22, will decline, certain moderators.

"There is in fact such a category of people — Diwali survivalist, they do nothing, learn nothing, just happy that the topic."

The interesting


It is idle interest in the end of the world are now actively earn. Commercially available gift sets for survival, and promoters occupied service offers emergency rent bin farewell parties. Just a convenient day: Friday. Recently, residents of the Moscow region are the author allegedly "from the housing office" — a call to pay all utility debts before the end of the world. Outraged residents have copied the text specified in the phone and call, ready to resent. But on the other end of the phone, they were offered to listen to ads. Some enterprising businessman just forged with the local housing office.

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