Cancer — a disease and not a death sentence

Breast cancer in Russia is in first place in cancer pathology in women. For the latest medical advances in the fight against the disease said corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor I. Poddubnaya.

Irina, a record of the disease has set in Russia? And what about the incidence of breast cancer in other countries?

In all developed countries of the world pattern is about the same. Here in the third world — it is different, there's women's cancer diseases leading cervical cancer.

And why not? Because women in these countries, many giving birth? Or because they last a long time breastfeed?

Cervical cancer because many give birth. In the years of the Soviet Union, we have observed the following statistics in Central Asia. But the risk of breast cancer in these women is less, because the feeding of the child — it's a natural process. A departure from the God-given features women: lack of labor, lack of lactation and breastfeeding — factors that lead to women's cancer disease. Although in terms of oncology early child — it's bad and late childbirth — too bad. There are those risk factors.

In which women's risk of breast cancer higher?

Talking about the causes of the emergence of this disease is difficult, they have not been studied. But we know that some moments are certainly risk factors.

First — this is heredity. I specifically bring a focus on this: if the family blood relatives have been cases of breast cancer, a woman should take care of yourself very carefully. And, noticed a trend in each next generation breast cancer develops at an earlier age. Thus, a woman who knows the history of his family, has warned. His oncological genetics necessarily need to know.

The second risk factor — it is bottle-feeding, failure to timely commencement and duration of breastfeeding.

That is, if a woman has a child, and when the child was born, the milk she was, and then disappeared, then it should look more closely for a watch?

Breast Cancer:




Clinical manifestations


What to do, it happens, especially in large cities. Scientific works directly correlate these two facts — the lack of lactation and breast cancer incidence — not now. But fundamentally it is. The absence of lactation after delivery — is a violation of the normal functioning of the breast. As such, it is a risk factor.

Very often women of today you can hear that "mother with me two more feeding, and I for one and did not have enough milk." That is was a broken transmission mechanism of heredity good mother to daughter. Does this mean that my daughter more likely to develop cancer of the breast?

At the same woman who had a lot of milk (mother), with a high probability of breast cancer will be. And for the one who had little milk (daughter of) the probability of getting sick — the usual. In other words, the nature of lactation (milk) is irrelevant. What matters is the fact of the absence of lactation, it does not matter why. This is a risk factor.

But other risk factors? Improper diet, bad habits, occupational exposures, heredity?

Clearly identify something specific you can not. Of course, the undesirable presence of a large number of dietary fats, undesirable overweight. That is, for the prevention of breast cancer is needed balanced diet intake of sufficient amounts of vitamins, proteins, and the minimum number of animal fats.

Alcohol and smoking — habits, of course, bad, but neither one nor the other is not a significant risk factor for breast cancer. Professional groups are particularly vulnerable to the disease, is also not yet been identified.

And what do you recommend for women who know they are at risk?

Breast cancer — a disease in which a woman can own a trail. It should regularly examine their own breasts. More than 90 percent of breast cancer patients reveal yourself! There are certain rules of the self-study, they are known, are widely promoted. Such regular procedures should be part of every woman's life.

Let's all the same, just in case, we recall our readers of this self-rule.

In the first week after your period — during this period! — You have to stand in front of a mirror, raise your hands, carefully inspect the chest. Then put your hands down, look again. Then, groping around with his right hand the left breast, and the left hand-right gland. Once something has changed, there were some new sensations, seal or stain, nipple discharge of any kind, you should contact a doctor immediately.


The sooner the better. Do not put off the visit for a few months. If the diagnosis is made and treatment is begun early on, everything goes much easier.

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