Cape Town scientists call the brain fatigue insidious deception




The suffering of a tired man well known: it has the muscle ache, headache and start to see the bad eye. As a newly established scientists from the University of Cape Town, the brain deceives us. In fact, we have no pain, but he is willing to insure against this overload, specifically provides signals on the output of damage.

Head takes its decisions on the basis of an analysis of the signals, which are sent to the body. Each member able to produce signaling molecules IL-6 (interleukin-6). Their main function — to signal that the load on the body is very close to dangerous levels and that an urgent need to reduce the intensity of movements. As soon as we run out of allowable limits, our arms, legs and other involved members begin to release the enzyme. As long as the molecules do not reach the brain, it seems that everything is fine, but when they arrive to the goal, as we immediately pierces the wild fatigue.

To confirm the fidelity of his hypothesis, scientists injected IL-6 in the body is not tired man. When a few minutes later, they asked the test subject, how he feels, then he said that he can hardly keep on his feet.

Interesting results were obtained from experiments with and athletes. They had to run a few laps at the local stadium. This part runners have entered IL-6, and the portion — no. The results exceeded all expectations. Runners who have received enzyme overcame a 10-kilometer course on a minute later than their more cheerful colleagues. Do not understand only one thing: why the "dead-tired people" generally came to the finish line.

Now that the experiments were left behind, the researchers plan to use their knowledge for the benefit of the people. The main purpose of scientists — to heal humanity from chronic fatigue. Will they be able to do this, we learn in the very near future.

Battery News, 13.08.2004 17:01

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