Celebrated a birthday — was fined for meeting

Ivatsevichy district court fined 700,000 rubles a young resident of the city "for violating the order of organizing and holding mass events or picketing." In this event, according to police, was the celebration of the birthday boy.

Vitali, a resident of Ivantsevichy, the first year celebrates his birthday on the nature of a large company. On shore, the Schara over the Internet, through a friend invited everyone to relax and celebrate a friend's birthday. The police felt that the event attracted about 400 people, and this is the scope of mass action, which is necessary to carry out the resolution. According to police, the offense lies in the fact that the information about the celebration was on the Internet. This became the basis for the protocol under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code, "Violation of the order of organizing and holding mass events or picketing":

"There was information on the Internet about the organization of the event. So there were a lot of people. Currently, police department received one statement, according to which the case was transferred to the tax office. According to the statement, the entrance to the event was paid — in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. Was only due to the fact that was present at the event, the police patrol, there was no emergency. Generally there were all drunk. "

Sam birthdays, Vitali said he could not understand why he was fined. The materials that have garnered the police, he did not agree. As for the statement about the entrance fee, it's inaccurate information:

"The event went off without any trouble. When the phones were stolen, it must be relevant statements, when it was a lot of drunk, then had to be drawn up GAI. Later I learned in the hospital that the medical asvyadchenne then was introduced only one person. But it was a tractor SEC, which to me had nothing to do. "

One of the participants of the event, Valerie, said that in fact there was so much to people. Gathered, however, quite a few people, but all was calm:

"It was just very interesting and well organized. People want to relax and left for 26 kilometers from the district town. Indeed, there were a lot of people, but not 400, as claimed by the police. It did not look like a rally or a parade. Could not speak and a stampede. "

Valery says that in a difficult holiday for young people. Official discos in the square is always held on the same program from year to year. Organizer birthday, including Vitaly, with the Department of Culture received a proposal to organize something similar in nature official from the local House of Culture. Vitali says that after Court of the proposal is just a laugh.



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