Chelyabinsk meteorite mystery revealed?

Chelyabinsk meteorite mystery revealed?
Over the Urals can be exploded hypersonic missile
Almost two months back, February 15, over the Urals proparhalo celestial body that initially dubbed the fireballs, and later — a meteor. Meteor «Chelyabinsk» has already been registered internationally meteorite society. He remembered catchy flash, a shock wave and a white vapor trail, suitable for missiles and jet aircraft.

Surprisingly, but scientists, recognizing atypical Chelyabinsk absolute paradox, shall be removed categorically answer the questions that most have to motivate them. They simply ignore them. Maybe they advised bezotstupno specific version of events?

If the scientists are right not to answer awkward questions, the public, in other words, we shall be entitled to its own version of the origin of the Chelyabinsk paradox. Very first issue relates to the previously unheard of white tail «meteorite.» Pure white trail — this steam simultaneously freezing and snow in the form of dust hanging in the atmosphere. Also other components of the fuel burnt by. Because make out a more affordable version of technogenic origin Chelyabinsk paradox — Russian layout tests hypersonic missile. Oh, so could develop action.

At dawn on February 15 in the air rose strategic bomber Tu-160 with a ballistic missile on the suspension, which instead of the third stage and carried mock warhead hypersonic missile. Once at altitude 15-20 km and a speed above 2 thousand km / h, the aircraft fired a missile carrier.

Booster has gone beyond the boundary of the atmosphere. There separated last stage with a load prototype. Speeding in of cosmic vacuum hypersonic missile in a few minutes had to fall in the area of ​​the White Sea. This is the only area and the area where her flight from start to finish could fix ground surveillance — air defense radars and missile defense, of cosmic forces cosmodrome «Plesetsk» and the Northern Fleet.

Because of its line of traffic was passing over populated areas, and not over the polar regions where there are no controls aerospace place the desired level.

But the rocket suddenly went for a fall. At an altitude of 92 km entered the atmosphere and then flew, leaving white vapor trail, at a very sloping line movement substantially parallel to the surface of the Earth. This is the usual angle of entry and movement of objects from Earth orbit, for example, spent his companions.

Next in the sky filmed dozens of DVRs and cameras from all sides and at different angles. There are pictures where it is clear that the double track. In other words kerf hypersonic engines layout in an amount 2-pieces. Speed-entry various observatories and research centers vary in the range from 9.12 to 17 km / s. Usually have more meteors highest rate, with an average of 25-30 km / s. And crashed into the ground at a speed of more than 1-3 km, if at first the speed was less than 20 km / s. But the speed of «meteorite» at the time of the explosion collapsed to 180 m / s — this is two times lower than the speed of sound and completely unrealistic for a meteor with a large inertia.

Explosion, followed by a strong shock wave and unusually colorful clouds of fire common to high-energy fuel, not destroy a missile at a hundred percent. Moreover, the remnants of her for a degree not deviated from the previous line of motion. From now on all the videos clearly shows two snow-white 2-track debris extending parallel to the flight. As the combustion fuel trail disappears.

Immediately after clearance «meteorite» were raised 20 thousand employees of MES and three helicopters have taken off in search of the crash site of a celestial body. A department of the FSB in the Chelyabinsk region rose into the air five helicopters. Search also engaged in mobile groups MOE snowmobiling and skiing.

Already for the next day, February 16, officially announced that none of the 1st fragment is not found, the search stopped. This could only mean one thing — the FSB had found that found. Specifically — the remains of the rocket.

Authorities who injected vengeance nightmare, calling heart-broken pane houses, and all went to the hospital — the victims, suddenly began to cut information branch on which hung the question of compensation for the damage billionth. Urgently needed as evidence in the fragments. And here there was a lake with a six-meter CHebarkul round hole. MOE sent into the hole 6 divers, military and police cordoned off her, not allowing even scientists.

Scientists from Ekaterinburg, wandering on the ice, found a handful of dark sand, which immediately caused as meteoritic matter. And do not even wonder why they are not blown to the side after falling from a 30-km altitude.

Since the operation began covering information. February 17 posts already gone, remnants of a meteor that fell in the form of a small pea stone. About Emanzhelinki and Forest of — the adjacent village Deputatskoye skiers and snowmobilers scoured roadside snow collecting small stones kilograms. Finding was simple. Small hole in the snow, and in it a bit with snow sosuli primerzshim stone at the end. Usually meteors fall to the ground rather chilled counter flow of air. And then they fell incandescent, which should cause the enthusiasm of individual scientists. But they were not interested. How not to become interested in other paradoxes: the pieces fell at different angles, including in the opposite direction, which in principle can not.

Alleged alien origin meteors of mandatory order should be confirmed at the Institute of Geochemistry Vernadsky in Moscow (GEOKHI). Only meteors contain certain isotopes of krypton, neon, oxygen and other chemical elements. Yet there are traces of their (tracks) of heavy protons permeating of cosmic space.

Metropolitan scientists complained that no ion probe to study the isotopic composition of each grain meteor. In general, isotopes have found, but found the explanation: once came collision with another meteor, and it «knocked his isochrone.» Age meteor caused as the age of terrestrial rocks — 4.5 billion. years. Collision explained to veins solidified metal supposedly stood at impact so much energy that metal inclusions become watery, and then froze.

Tracks also found a proton. But with the slip of the tongue: the tracks «cosmic particles and fission of uranium.» Uranium nuclei in the Urals with a surplus, even more so in the Chelyabinsk region now «Mayak». A metal layer are formed not only in space, and in smelters.

Not in vain over Emanzhelinkoy and deputy flew helicopters. Gas burner and-hundredweight other suitable pieces of slag — that’s for you «local ellipses falling meteorite fragments.»

Americans, so as not to embarrass people spend their own tests hypersonic vehicles somewhere over the ocean. It must be assumed that subsequent flights Russian prototypes will have the least populated area and will not cause undue excitement.

Viktor Myasnikov

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