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First of all, congratulations! If you're on this page, it means that in your family or your loved ones in the family happened to one of the most beautiful events — it appeared baby.

But with unlimited happiness you is a sense of anxiety — what to do with your treasure?

Especially if you've just returned from the hospital, and every little squeak of a stranger makes you panic. My head is spinning frantically thousand and one question.

How to protect your baby from illness? How to feed him? When, finally, to him it will be possible to communicate?

Tradition of caring for young children and are changing right before our eyes. Another ten or fifteen years ago with the child began play and engaged when he was executed at least two or three years. A baby rib — that he actually can understand it? Yes, whether you want to with it somehow specially play? Now times have changed, and pediatricians and psychologists one voice advise new parents: play with the baby, then occupy it all time, until he is asleep. But how easy is it to do the parents, most of whom were deprived of such games at the tender infancy?

Baby growing and developing by leaps and bounds, so each stage of development suited his game. From 0 to 3 months baby behold, from 3 to 6 learn to coordinate their movements with the result of 6-9 months, he already moves (and, hence, the field of its activity is greatly extended), 9-12 will give you prattle, and, possibly, the first words.

When you are comfortable with a little baby at home, you will probably at some point want to get him "into the light." With the stroller can not go far — it is too bulky and heavy. In the hands — is not very convenient, hands and back tire quickly. Meanwhile, the progressive mankind has come up with a lot of options for carrying babies — choose best for you, and go!

Time is much faster than we would like, and now the dopey puffing roll into a curious and active toddler. But the closer to the first anniversary, the more difficult it becomes to you. But why? Because you are with him approach the first crisis. Do not panic — this is a natural stage of development of any child. It is only necessary to properly prepare for this hard time and go through it — it's not as scary as it seems at first glance.

By the way, what to get the treasure on his first anniversary? After all, you want to make this gift was and memorable, and useful …

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