China announced that it would establish a tax on CO2 emissions

Chinese Ministry of Finance issued a statement on plans to reform the taxation in the environmental field and, in particular, a tax on greenhouse gas emissions, according to specialized media.

In a statement, head of tax policy Jia Chen writes that the government plans to replace the fee for emissions on environmental taxes, including, in particular, there will be a tax on emissions of CO2. According to Xinhua News Agency, it is assumed that these taxes will be collected by local authorities. In addition, China is considering the introduction of taxes on energy-intensive goods and manufacturing, as well as on water resources. The article did not specify when they can be taken new measures.

China, the world leader in total greenhouse gas emissions, is already running in several regions of the pilot carbon trading system, and by 2015, such a scheme to be deployed at the national level. According to the publication Responding to Climate Change, experts point out that it is not clear what will be combined with two initiatives.

Chinese media in early 2013, citing government sources reported that a tax on CO2 emissions for large users of fossil fuels can be introduced until 2015, and its value, at the request of developers of measures will be 10 yuan (about 1.5 dollars) per tonne of CO2-equivalent, and will gradually increase.

Earlier in February, U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that would impose in the event of the first ever U.S. tax on greenhouse gas emissions at a rate of $ 20 per tonne of CO2-equivalent.

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