China electric cars will bring more pollution than their gasoline counterparts

The researchers found that electric cars sometimes cause more harm to environment than cars with traditional gasoline engine. The main source of emissions are not the electric vehicles, and the stations that produce electricity for them.

A team of scientists from China and the U.S., who worked under the direction of Christopher Cherry (Christopher Cherry), associate professor at the University of Tennessee, analyzed the emissions of the 34 largest cities in China.

Experts compared the emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons produced by cars, and also felt their contribution to the deterioration of the urban atmosphere of suspended particles. Studies have not been done by accident in China — the country is a leader in the use of electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

In an article published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, scientists have noted that 85% of China's electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, of which 90% is coal. Because of this, it turns out that, moving to electric transportation, the Chinese start to consume more energy, they get basically the not environmentally friendly way. This leads to more harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In the study, the vehicles were divided into the following categories: gasoline cars, diesel cars, diesel buses, electric bicycles and electric vehicles. The findings suggest that damage to the environment is less than electric diesel cars, but also as diesel buses. Electric bikes showed the lowest result on the rate of pollution per passenger and per kilometer.

Thus, carbon dioxide emissions (grams per drawn kWh) were greatest for electric vehicles (135-274) and gasoline vehicles (150-180), and the lowest for electric bicycles (14-27). On emission of particulate matter most "dirty" were diesel cars, the second place was taken by electric and diesel buses, housed on the third petrol cars.

"Electric Bicycle Battery operated, the least polluting and the most efficient mode of transport," — says Christopher Cherry.

However, despite the overall harm from the use of electric vehicles, the residents of Chinese cities breathe freely. Most of the pollutants in urban air is formed because of the exhaust gas of gasoline cars, which means passion and electric bikes electric cars will make the city's air cleaner. On the order it will become dirtier power plants around.

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