China: Experts shocked by giant hail

According to local residents, the Sichuan giant hailstones fell, weighing up to 600 grams, the experts are shocked.

On a sunny day had the great castle, which has witnessed a large number of people poured into the streets after his fall.
However, experts have some doubts about his "earthly" descent. This is probably a large ice fragments of the meteorite, which fell apart in the atmosphere.

Near the town of Sheki Nga province of Sichuan, are still visible traces by a large block of ice about half a meter in diameter and weighing 600 grams.

The local community, the fall of hail accompanied by booming thunder sound, which took most of the sounds of the earthquake, often in these parts.

The locals, even the oldest of them, can not remember such a castle. Almost all hail the locals were separated in their refrigerators as crystal clear water is always useful, despite some difficulties in the form of frozen hands.

Huge "hail" a special, rough form immediately became a mystery to scientists. Require further identification of the finds, however, is now known that the Chinese science has not been faced with such phenomena.

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