Christianity and Gavva. Who is Christianity?

Christianity — the world's largest religion (more than 2 billion adherents).
Bible translated into more than a thousand languages in the world, Christians say that the popularity of the Bible and Christianity is growing every day.
But the poor servants of God do not even think how many centuries of Christianity and how they oppress humanity brought by victims. Even 200-300 years ago was a Christian dictatorship.

Cheers Death — all dissenters into the fire …
How many years in selling gold priests promise of salvation from hell after death. And buy "indulgences" had everything necessary. With this money, the priests bought the land and opened the jars, giving a debt for interest on loans. But even when the dictatorship fell Death, Christianity still thrives in its advertising investing so much money, that probably all the people of the world can be fed free of charge lunch all the time.

The purpose of the Christian Religion

The most important thing in the Christian religion — is the purpose of its creation. And the goal of the Christian is not the word of Love, which creates and supports the development, but the selfish love that is not down from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.

Christians voluntarily take the shape of slaves in life give up the pleasures of life, become living martyrs. If you look at Christian worship, then 99.9% of their services performed zaunylym injured voice, respectively, and a state of mind at the time of martyrdom.
Why the creators of the Christian religion to many sufferers? And they are needed for energy release "Gavva."

Gavva — is suffering and pain radiation emitted by a living creature, both in life and after death in the downstream. Gavva — it's food demons can saturate the giant crowd of demons, of all types and grades.

Christianity as a slave religion, serves to collect the energy of "Gavva" to feed "the creator-god" and its parasites.

You may ask, what to eat parasites god until it was Christianity?
To do this, read the Bible (Leviticus and Numbers). Where indicated, to whom and how much to sacrifice animals and birds. A huge number of animals dying in agony were the source gavvaha. But the Israelites to sacrifice not only the animals were human sacrifices.

Victims throats cut in a certain place, a special ritual knife, so they all felt, and died in agony, slowly bleeding to death. The man who cut the throat of long taught that to do nothing to break the victim had not died prematurely. It is necessary for God to the Israelites got their food from gavvaha the maximum.
But that was before Christianity.

With the advent of the Christian religion, with the clan of the Levites and martyr of Jesus Christ, which became a model for all future Christians, the need for the sacrifice of animals disappeared, for the human Gavva probably far better and better.

But the same Bible you can see that Christians are not always — they are waiting for some kind of "rapture of the church" of his. This must happen, when it is "apocalypse", and as Christians believe, God Yahweh their supposedly eliminate the evils which are coming on the earth.
According to Christian belief, when their god "steal" them from the Earth — will be restored "Third Temple" and resume animal sacrifice.

Maybe it's cheating, which inspired Christians, so that they have at least some hope, as another of the same false promises of eternal bliss in heaven to all who believe that Christ is their savior from hell, and that now we must suffer in life to laze in posmetrii forever in paradise.

Or maybe it's still true, and God, who came up with a such a source of constant gavvaha, just before the global cataclysms will take all of his followers, producers of pure gavvaha. But do not take to heaven, and in perpetual slavery in the worlds Pekelnyh where followers will be stolen likeness of dairy cows that will produce pure Gavva.

And Mother Earth will begin its Cheese apocalypse to rid themselves of parasites. And while there will be many more suffering and death, yet not die in wars, disasters, famine and morah all those who do not fit the cone light of world order.

Christianity — a branch of Judaism. The first Christians were Jews, for the past religious world — the Jews. In general, Judaism refers to Christianity as their "derivatives", "sister religions", designed to carry the people of the world the basic elements of Judaism. Leadership of the MP is trying to emphasize the cultural and religious commonality with Jews.

Many elements of Christianity borrowed from Judaism:
— Church ritual (ie gathering the faithful to prayer, the reading of Scripture and preaching) is taken from the synagogue worship;
— Some Christian prayer, a processing Jewish originals, such as "Our Father" (cf. Kaddish)
— Prayer formulas have Jewish ancestry, Amen (Amen), Hallelujah (Galiluya), Hosanna (Hosha'na);
— Some Christian converted from Jewish rites, such as the sacrament of baptism (cf. circumcision ritual bath);
— The sacred book of the Jews and Christians believe Tanah their holy book, just call it the Old Testament, by expanding the New Testament, were the Bible;
— Yahweh (YHWH, Jehovah) — the name of God Bilby. Because take the name of God is denied, it adopted the name of Judaism Hashem (Russian name), and in Christianity — God (Mr).

Sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity

Blood Sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity are required. By Adam for himself and the creation of the world, brought the first created a bull as offerings to God.
Including the destruction of the Second Temple sacrifice is the main form of the Jewish priesthood.


In Judaism, there are five kinds of sacrifices:
— burnt offering,
— meat offering,
— the sacrifice of thanksgiving,
— sin offering,
— trespass.

Of all the kinds of sacrifices only meat offering is bloodless, it is treated as an addition to the burnt offering. In sacrificed not only animals, but also people. Date of last sacrifice recorded in the Talmud — 70 AD

Until the restoration of the Third Temple ritual Temple service was replaced by other forms of service to God — prayer, Torah study, and its strict adherence to ritual and ethnic requirements.

In Christianity, the sacrifice is a central element in the foundation of the church worship (the eating of the flesh and blood of Christ — the Eucharist). Some scientists have linked to the ancient rites of the Eucharist ritual and magical cannibalism.
Because of the similarity of the Eucharist with cannibalism early Christians were persecuted until burned, "ate" all dissenters.

Blood sacrifice in the Old Testament (Numbers, chapter 31):
25: And the LORD said unto Moses, saying,
26: Take the sum of prey that was taken, both of man and of beast, thou, and Eleazar the priest, and the chief fathers of the society;
28: and the soldiers who went to war, tribute unto the LORD: one soul of five hundred, both of man and of the oxen, and of the asses, and of the sheep;
29: Take it of their half, and give it to Eleazar the priest as an offering to the Lord;
37: a tribute to the Lord of the sheep was six hundred and threescore and fifteen
38: cattle thirty and six thousand of them, and a tribute to the Lord seventy-two;
39: thirty thousand five hundred donkeys, and a tribute to the Lord of them threescore and one
40: The persons were sixteen thousand, of which the Lord's tribute of thirty-two persons.

From the first centuries of Christianity began to emerge "Holy Inquisition" … what mathematics was one of these fanatics know YHWH.

"Your father — the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. " (John 8:44)

The central idea of Judaism and Christianity

The central idea of Judaism — God's chosen people of the Jewish people and God's promise to give the children of Israel all the world and other people and their property in possession.
The central idea of Christianity — strastoterpie from rejection of the joys of this world and ending with the offering of a sacrifice for the sins and mistakes of others. In exchange for the promise of paradise after death.

If we compare the central idea of Christianity with the central idea of Judaism, it is found that it is subordinate to the idea of building a worldwide kingdom of Israel, the Jews themselves have to acquire the property of all others, including Christians, Jews and Christians to facilitate their "mission" giving up the joys of the World, find a suitable "Calvary" and selflessly went up to her.
In short: some sacrifice themselves and others at this time rake up their property for themselves … This ratio is the central ideas of the two religions is not accidental. On their basis perekovyvalis national character of the people of the Christian and Jewish worlds. [Encyclopedia of CRR "Iudohristianstvo"]

* Christianity is based on the lunar cult, it is by definition can not give people any good. Christians are considered only as a source for gavvaha YHWH and wealth for the shepherds (pastors).

Christianity — a Jewish sect (Leo Tolstoy)

People who live peacefully with each other and act in accordance only when they are connected to the same world view: the same understanding the aim and purpose of its activities.

The Christian religion, clothed in solemn form, a long time to answer the moral and mental requirements of the European peoples. But was a very unreasonable and inherently contradictory between its most basic and eternal truths about human life.

The further life progressed, the more enlighten the people, the more obvious it becomes more obvious and self-contradiction, which consists in this religion, its futility, ineptitude and uselessness. This went on for centuries, and today got to the point that the Christian religion is held only by the inertia, is not recognized by anyone and does not do the main characteristic of the external influence of religion on the people: a mix of people in the world view, a general understanding of all the destination and purpose of life.

I know that what I have to make now is what is the faith of the Church, which for centuries professed and practiced by millions of people are now under the name of Christianity, is nothing more than a very rough Jewish sect, which has nothing to do with true Christianity, — show the people who practice the words of the doctrine of the sect, not only incredible, but riding terribly blasphemy. But I can not say that. I can not say, because in order for people to take advantage of the great good that gives us true Christian teaching, we must, above all, free from the bezsvyaznogo, false and, most importantly, deeply immoral teachings that hid from us the true Christian teaching. Teaching, hiding from us the doctrine of Christ, is the teaching of Paul [paulianstvo], expressed in his letters and became the basis for the Church's teaching. This teaching is not only a teaching of Christ, but is a doctrine opposite him.

One has only to read through the Gospels, not paying much attention to all that is printing superstitious insertions made by the drafters of a miracle in Cana of Galilee, resurrection, healing, casting out demons, and resurrection of Christ, and dwelling on the fact that simple, clear, understandable and is intrinsically linked with one and by the same idea — and then read at least recognized the best Paul's letters make clear was that complete disagreement, which can not be between the universal, eternal teachings simple, holy man Jesus and practical temporary, local, unclear , confusing, stilted and counterfeit the existing evil teachings of the Pharisee Paul.

Christianity and paulianstvo

Essential teaching
— The essence of the teachings of Christ is simple, clear, accessible to all and can be expressed in one word: a man a son of God.
— The essence of the teaching of Paul artificial, dark and totally incomprehensible for any free hypnosis man [man slave to his masters].

Basic Teaching
— The basis of the doctrine of Christ is the main and only duty of man is the will of God, that is, love for people.
— The basis of Paul's teaching that the only duty of the person — is the belief that Christ's death atoned for his sins and redeems.

— According to the teachings of Christ, the reward for the transfer of his life to the spiritual essence of every human being has the freedom of this joyous union with God consciousness.
— According to the teachings of Paul, the award is not a good life here, and in the future, after-death state. According to the teachings of Paul, it is necessary to live a good life, most importantly, in order to get a reward for it "there."

The basis of the teachings of Christ — the true meaning — the purpose of life.
The basis of Paul's teaching — the calculation and imagination.
Of these various foundations derive more different conclusions.

— Christ says that people should not expect rewards and punishments in the future and should, as workers in the host, to understand its purpose, to execute it.
— Paul's teaching is based on the fear of punishment and the promise of a reward, ascension to heaven or on the immoral position that if you believe, then get rid of sin, you are without sin [the fear of punishment and the position that the believer is without sin].

Where in the Gospel recognizes the equality of all people and say — how great the people, an abomination before God. Paul taught obedience to the authorities, recognizing them from God, so it resists the authority resists the ordinance of God.

The Gospel says that people are all equal. Paul knows and tells slaves to obey their masters.

Christ says, "Do not swear at all, and only lend to Caesar what is Caesar's, and the fact that the gods — your soul — do not give to anyone."
Paul says, "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers: for there is no authority except from God, as the existing authorities are ordained of God" (Romans XIII, 1, 2).

Christ says: "Those who take the sword will perish by the sword."
Paul says: "The head is the minister of God to thee for good. But if you do evil, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain, he — God's servant … wrath to punish wrongdoer "(Romans XIII, 4).

But not one of these opposing the teachings of Christ and St. Paul showed great inconsistency, the world's scientists, with small, sectarian, casual, lively preaching uneducated, arrogant, and fine-conceited, boastful and cunning Jew.

This incompatibility may not be obvious to every person to perceive the essence of a great Christian doctrine. Meanwhile, a number of random factors have made what is null and false doctrine has taken the place of the great eternal and true teachings of Christ, and even for many centuries it has hidden from the consciousness of most people.

It is true, at all times of the Christian nations were people who understood the Christian doctrine in its true meaning, but it was only an exception. Most so-called Christians, especially after the power of the church Paul's writings were recognized as the unquestioned work of the Holy Spirit, — believe that it is immoral and involved teaching subjects, therefore, the most arbitrary interpretations, is the real teaching of the God- Christ.

* From the article L. Tolstoy, "Why the Christian peoples in general and in particular Russian Private are now in distress," in 1907.

Worship — whom Christians worship?
Worship — God is a service consisting of prayers and rituals. It reflects the inner meaning of religion.

In ROC daily service consists of the following parts: polunoshnitsa, Matins, the Hours, Liturgy (Mass), Vespers and Compline.
ROC service only 15% made up of the New Testament texts, ie Christian immediately and the remaining 85% — the Old Testament texts, ie purely Jewish, the same is read in the synagogues.
Thus, the usual daily service in the ROC of 85% synagogue!


1. Polunoshnitsa to 70% of the Old Testament texts and 30% of the compilation of the Old and New Testament.
Read the Psalms of David № 50 "dealt well with thy good pleasure to Zion, raise up the walls of Jerusalem … then lay on the altar of your calves," Psalms № 120 "Do not slumber nor sleep keeps Israel" and the number 133, "Lord bless you (ie Yahweh) of Zion. "

2. Matins — 69% of the Old Testament texts, the rest — the compilation of the Old and New Testament texts.
Read poetry in honor of the God of Israel to the texts of the Old Testament. Glad they came out victorious Jews out of Egypt celebrate prorecheniya Jewish prophet Habakkuk, and the Jewish prophet Isaiah …. And other Jewish worship of God and the Jewish people.

3. Hours — 75% of the Old Testament texts, the rest — compiled.

4. Liturgy (Mass) — even without the prayers and psalms in oblation, and without regard to internal Old Testament prayers of the priest during the liturgy and in the service, 35% is the Old Testament texts, the rest — a compilation of the Old and New Testaments.
Liturgy — the main Christian service in which the mystery of the Eucharist. Calling the Holy Spirit to transform the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ — a simplified procedure for the Jewish blood of human sacrifice.

5. Evensong — 75% of the Old Testament texts, the rest — compiled.
At the end of the Gospel is sung prayer Simeon the God-Receiver "Now Lettest Thou …", which ends with the doxology to the Jews: "… and the glory of thy people, Israel." This prayer is sung loud high notes that in Palestine could hear people praise Rusko Israel.

6. Compline — 70% of the Old Testament texts, the rest — compiled.
Among other psalms № 50 and № 101, and a prayer composed by the Jewish king Manasseh, "the Lord (Yahweh) Almighty, the God of our fathers Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and their descendants … the righteous." It turns out that only the righteous Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their seed.

No service in the ROC is complete without mention of Abraham, John, James (aka — Israel), no Moses, David, Solomon, without all the Hebrew prophets, kings, generals, "righteous" and the martyrs …

— 15 master's and bogorodnichnyh holidays take 136 days a year and all these days in Towns "Orthodox" churches sounding Jewish names and terms.
— 52 Sundays devoted to Jesus Christ, but in the ears and on the lips of Towns of people again and again heard Abraham, Israel, etc.
— 92 days of 365 ROC celebrates the memory of the Jews, most of whom do not have anything to do with Christianity, but to the Ruska Orthodoxy and all. This Jewish patriarchs from Adam to Noah, from Noah to Joshua, David and Solomon, all the Jewish prophets, all the kings of Judah and Israel.

Rusko Saints

The "orthodox" church calendar marked and days dedicated purely Rusko saint. The most prominent of them are printed in bold type (eg 53). 41 But the saints themselves, as some of them committed memory twice a year. Mina is in service for another 50 Rusko saint, but a little-known, if not quite forgotten.
The total number of services Rusko saints 60-70, and the Jewish — 179.

The celebration of the day of a saint Ruska starts with Vespers, and immediately hit Towns parishioners soar (extensive reading of the Old Testament).

Very often there are plates, ie Towns have the memory of the saints in the days of the master's or Marian feasts, which, of course Towns obscure saints. Towns obscure saints and Jewish feasts of saints and other holy (neruskie and non-Jewish) — a Christian International:
— Egyptians
— Greeks
— Byzantines
— caucasoids
— and even one Japanese, as well as persons, national origin which are difficult to establish.

Rusko people have not praise anyone knows who did nothing for Russia, and generally knows what to show themselves.

Any Jew in the Bible, whoever he may be, as an example for Rusko saint during the service. It is emphasized that all life Rusko was, it appears, not only in imitating Jesus or Mary, but also to some Jew, and indicated that Rusco, however, did not reach the "sanctity" of the heights which once reached or that the Jewish "righteous."
The most that could Russian Private saint — is closer to the "sanctity" of the Jew, and then only because he was in life imitated this Jew.

So you hear:
— Alexander (Nevsky), you — the Russian Joseph;
— Seraphim (Sarov), you — Glorious Elijah;
— Vladimir (Equal Apostles), you're like Paul (Saul);
— Sergey (Radonezh), you're like Moses;
— Tikhon (Kaluga), get ready: now you oblagodetelstvuem OT singing psalms;
— Mitrofan (Voronezh), you as Samuel;
— Olga (Princess Kiev), you're like Rachel;
— etc.

General characteristics of the highest holy Rusko — "child of Zion."

In Troparion and hymns in honor of the saint Rusko recorded prayers and cries of "Orthodox" to this saint, to help them, the infirm, to achieve the "heavenly Zion" or the "heavenly Jerusalem" after death.

Christianity vs Russia

Christianity propagated by fire and sword, but more about that Christians are trying to forget. The Pope apologized for the fires of the Inquisition, and our priests are silent and say nothing of the kind in Russia was not, although there are numerous examples of "Orthodox" inquisition.

How would the priests did not try to save the Christian religion, they would fail for a simple reason — too much harm was done.

1. With Christianization killed 9,000,000 Russes (75% of the Kievan Rus). Slavs fought against all of Western Europe.
2. Slavic Christians destroyed altars trebischa, sacriplaces.
3. Towns destroyed estate sveschennosluzhiteley, Magi.
4. Destroyed the old book — Vedic scriptures.
5. Introduced in Russia serfdom Rusko people.

Sergius of Radonezh

Russian Private to people and faith of their ancestors finally destroyed, there psevdohristiane as Lesson. He saw the dying ancient faith (world view), as it is imposed in lieu of religion — a stupid, blind faith in Jesus Christ. Sergius succeeded in changing the Christian religion, thus unite Christians and Vedic Russes. Ie terminology was a Christian, but the core remains of an ancient doctrine, based on — the maximum education, preservation of music, legends. All this was in the church Sergius, which in fact was Vedic.

Sergius and his entire team create the Christian religion on the basis of teachers. All priests were teachers. They worked our Rusko surviving Magi (solar, Vedic priests). Children were taught the runes and initial letter, the general laws of the universe. Magi to the main task was — to educate the younger generation.
* Vedic Temples in Russia — it was the school, and turned them into a Christian church benches.

But the church Sergius did not last long, the West in Russia needed a Byzantine church. Again, everything was destroyed, reformed, preserving ancient books were burned by the thousands.


When Sergius of Radonezh (XIV c) dualism start saving, two directions aligned, and some ancient books were saved, saved. The books were sent to a Moscow library, its devotees gathered Sergius and Rusko Magi. But because of the betrayal of Christians, the Moscow library was burned. This is one of the priorities of Christianity — the destruction of ancient knowledge.

Kiev library immediately destroyed completely at the baptism of Rus, then Moscow, and remained the most powerful library of Novgorod, which is the time of Ivan III was transferred to Moscow.
In the XVI century, Ivan the Terrible, knowing that these books are priceless for Russia, gathered the last people who had been involved in an ancient civilization, and put the entire library for future generations. And for that he bow.

The Baptism of Russia in 1666

Ivan the Terrible was trying to revive the Church of St. Sergius is Radonezhkskogo. In the XVI century, the laws of the Church of St. Sergius rife in Russia, so the West took yet another reform. In 1666, there was a great schism (Nikonian) — this is another baptism of Rus. Again the blood (Old Believers Old Believers), the destruction of thousands of ancient books. Nikon implements reforms, build another church in Russia, for this it was necessary to destroy the legacy of Sergius Church, because it was not fully Byzantine. Russian Private people with head pushed into the mud Byzantine, and we're still in it to swarm, we can not get out of it.

* G. Sidorov — Author of "The chronology esoteric analysis of modern civilization."

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