Chupacabra live in Russia!

The whole world is afraid of the mysterious killer vampire. Us it is known as the Chupacabra. New evidence has emerged that this monster has appeared in Stavropol, not so long ago, namely: December 7, 2011! Just shortly before the day in some private farms were found dead rabbits. Of these, all the blood is gone!

According to a local resident was able Chupacabra half an hour to kill all the rabbits that are bred family. What's interesting is that, according to her, being able to escape, breaking a two-meter fence! Local residents believe that the monster is not a local product of nature, and imported from somewhere. After all, before there had never done such a horror.

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Creation of attacks on domestic animals, cattle describe the set, as in Russia, and in almost all continents. A lot of information about the Chupacabra is on the Internet.

The very name given to this fact, translated from Spanish, "sucking goat", "goat vampire." The first known victims of the Chupacabra were just a goat. In general, however, many do not agree with its existence, as the official science has not been granted a single copy of the monster to explore. But how to explain the numerous cases of assault of a substance on animals that leaving only two holes in the victim's body, manages to drink from it all the blood?

Some witnesses described as a two-legged creature (sometimes — chetyrehlapoe)-like creature is a dog, then a kid, if not to man. Most often it is presented with wool, powerful claws and fangs. In any case, it was created to kill. It hunts at night, pretty much in the physical sense and in fast motion. Simply put — Chupacabra is a very dangerous enemy for almost any domestic animals!

And let the debate about its continued existence, but it is better to be careful, lest in the fall to count all the chicks.

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