Chupacabra strangles scare rabbits and dogs

January 8, 2013 21:46

Chupacabra strangles scare rabbits and dogs Showed up again in the Carpathian mysterious Chupacabra — Beast "pohozyaynichat" in the village Golyn Ivano-Frankivsk region, reports citing BNN TV channel "Inter".

Chupacabra night strangled a dozen rabbits, whose corpses hostess found in the garden of the cells. The woman claims that a well-locked cells, but the unknown beast, traces of which it found "in the act", it did not stop.

According to the owner, the night she heard a strange sound, and the neighbor's dog Lyme Caucasian breed very strange behavior — "the night has not filed a sound, and now from his booth will not be published."

Recall, a mysterious beast called the people Chupacabra, from time to time appear in different regions of Ukraine. He attacks the rabbits and chickens, once there were an attack on the person.

Those who saw the Chupacabra, say that it looks like both the fox and kangaroo. In some regions Chupacabra were rounded up, but so far — no result.

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