CIA revealed the real rate of extinction Russian

CIA revealed the real rate of extinction Russian

CIA denies Russian official statistics. The rate of decline of the Russian population is almost 15 times higher than indicated in the official reports of service Rosstat.

Belie the CIA and optimistic estimates of increased life expectancy in Russia, as well as statistical data on mortality and fertility, says, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

Thus, according to the American "Book of Facts", in July of this year, Russia had 138.7 million people — on this indicator the country with the largest area in the world is only ninth in the world.

However, at the site of Rosstat says: "The resident population of the Russian Federation on August 1, 2011 was 142.8 million people." The difference with the U.S. data — 4.2 million.

Further, according to the latest data of Rosstat, the population per year (since last August) decreased by 0.05% — is 65.6 thousand. However, U.S. intelligence officials estimate the rate of decline of Russia's population is almost 15 times higher — minus 0.47%.

If you look through the eyes of the CIA, that the pace of depopulation of Russia is almost absolute record — it takes 222 place among 230 countries. But if believe Rosstat, in this ranking Russia immediately jump up to 23 positions up.

"Think Tank," the Russian president "Strategy 2020" is also acknowledged in its research note that the actual number of Russian citizens is 133-134 million people. The figure is a 141.1 million recorded last census — it's the actual population of the country, including migrantov.Takim way, expert evaluation shows that both the minmum 8.7 million are migrant workers (people without Russian citizenship).

To avoid depopulation from 2010 to 2025 in a low birth rate, to be taken 11.1 million migrants, and to prevent the decline in the number of persons aged 15 to 65 — 16 million. Of these, 7.1 million should make immigrants from Central Asia, make conclusions ekspernoy members of the Russian president.

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