Cinema as a mass weapon of manipulation


The film shows you the impact of reality can have a massive thought forms, and how it can be productively used, introducing the installation in films, sometimes viewed by hundreds of millions of people. The principles of such systems, real-world examples from the past and present.

Despite the fact that the establishment of a new world order has already reached great heights, and in the U.S. for many carry a microchip, a full transition to the next level is possible only if some global catalyst. This catalyst can be any common pattern of behavior imposed by the cinema. For children, this is done through cartoons for adults mainly through serials.

In particular for Russia can be divided into three areas, two of which are criminal topic like werewolves in uniform crime and romance, the third direction — is to show the problems of family life. In popular youth music up rapidly advance only those artists who elevate the cult of drugs or any other destructive that contrary to logic get in the center channel.

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