Climate change impact on food security

Global warming has already affected the safety of the world's food supplies.

The situation in this area will only get worse, no matter what measures are taken, according to a professor of advertising, public relations and retailing at Michigan State University Ewen Todd.

"Accelerating climate change will inevitably affect the food around the world," said Todd. "Unfortunately, these effects are still not well understood."

One effect of Professor Todd calls spread pathogen Vibrio, which normally lives in warm ocean waters, but in recent years it is found in the north due toincrease in global temperaturewater, according toEurekAlert.

"When in 2005 the water temperature off the coast of Alaska reached 15 degrees Celsius, it was affected by the outbreak associated with Vibrio," he said.

Todd added that extreme weather such as drought or heavy rains, also has the most significant impact on the area of food. In some areas, grain crops are dying, which leads to higher prices for essential goods and a number of other problems.

"Mycotoxins — this pathogenic fungus that causes the disease. Where drought and famine, certainly could not have done without them, "said the scientist concluded.

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