Climate warming in 2020 will make people go hungry every fifth

Climate warming in 2020 will make people go hungry every fifth

Researchers concluded that climate change caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will lead to food shortages as early as 2020 that the doom of every five people on Earth to starvation, the report says the nonprofit organization climatologists "Global Environment Facility." Currently suffers from a lack of food in the middle of every seven people on earth.

According to the findings of scientists, based on a synthesis of data published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global warming of the planet by the year 2020 due to the greenhouse effect will lead to a reduction in food production in most countries. It will not allow to feed the growing world population.

According to modern concepts of climatologists, continuing the process of greenhouse gas emissions on the current scenario does not imply any restrictions, will result in global warming by 2020, 2.4 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.

At the same time, the world population will increase by at least 900 million, reaching 7.8 billion. The fall of the same crop in different countries due to climate change, will lead to the fact that the shortage of wheat will reach 14% to 11% less than required, will be made of rice, 9% — corn. The only culture that is in excess of 5% will be soy. According to the findings of scientists, the production of these types of plant food in Russia is also reduced.

The main reason for lack of food will change the temperature and inaccessibility of water — would require a lot more effort put for irrigation in many parts of rainfall significantly reduced, and the temperature increase.

Furthermore, given that approximately 35% of all cultivated crops are used as forage for livestock, scientists expect the deficit and meat production. This can lead to an increase in real prices by 20% in the current decade.

"The price of inaction people about climate change can not be high, and it is no longer about the future generations, and those who live in these days," — said Liliana Izas (Liliana Hisas), executive director of the foundation, co-author of the report, the words which the press office of the organization.

For this reason, efforts to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere observed by scientists as the most important step. Unfortunately, to date, officials of the country did not come to an agreement on this issue. In addition, the authors believe that the periodic displacement zones of cultivation of different types of plant food on the basis of changing climatic patterns can give the result.

Another way to overcome hunger scientists believe global shift in diet to new sources of proteins and carbohydrates — root crops, such as sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes and pulses, respectively, according to RIA Novosti.

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