Collect signatures for Neklyaeva banned

Bobruisk City Council does not allow to August 15 rally to gather signatures in support of the director of research and educational institutions, "Moving Forward" by Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the Fourth Republican People's Assembly.

One of the applicants picket Elena Medvedev"Failure argued that the application does not indicate the date of the meeting. If it takes place, is unknown. Moreover, in the response of the Executive Committee stated that we have broken the application process. It must be submitted not later than fifteen days before the rally. I filed an application on July 30. Basically, I did not expect permission. Last picket I was allowed when I campaigned for Kozulin, when he was registered as a presidential candidate. Then picket "protect" many police officers. "

Picket had pass on Lenin Square in Bobruisk.

Application for a picket of Neklyaeva filed in Mogilev. July 28, three applicants are waiting for a response from the City Council.


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