Compact locating laser equipment to detect snipers — Antisnayper

Russian Federation and the intelligence services of some foreign countries get for their own use the instrument optical instrument tracking funds under the title "Antisnayper." Equipment able to detect at least some optical device at a range of up to 2,500 meters. Use instrument can be of days and and NIGHT MODE. These properties are confirmed sales manager's office "Innovative safety"N.Slipchenko. The company, which is engaged in production of sverhtehnologichny security solutions. He also noted that the compact equipment "Antisnayper" intensive use special units of top managers in 15 countries around the world. Commercial Director of "Innovative Security" also said that this set of equipment use and commercial organizations.

Compact locating laser equipment to detect snipers - Antisnayper

On the far distance, "Antisnayper" — is perhaps the only complex Today, able to protect against possible danger. Protecting "object" or a special forces soldier, complex significantly increases the likelihood of a successful job is finished. The equipment is able to not only identify the shooter, sniper, and has the ability to blind the enemy identified highly directional light beam. For example, the successful introduction of the "Antisnayper" in real life, N.Slipchenko told of a time when this equipment, life was saved by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

"The President of Venezuela equipment" Antisnayper "in good time we just gave. Chavez and security with the help of the arrow found a sniper at a range of 0.8 kilometers, close to the border with Colombia. After finding the shooter quickly left his position and fled abroad. Security in this case, successfully cope with the task of self-protection of the facility, "- said the commercial director of" Innovative security. " Also just this equipment brings within 2.5 thousand meters and equipment «Felin», intended for the "soldier of the future." The complex is virtually instantaneously detects the direction of the search, optical center, which is built into the equipment «Felin». Russian detection equipment optical devices optical system detects zabugornoy equipment on their own channels, and detection distance of 2,500 meters, has played a huge role in the discovery — in fact discovered the enemy is out of action and have the time to carry out a series of measures protective or offensive plan. On this day, the company "innovation safety"Has already produced more than one thousand units of this equipment. System for detection of "Antisnayper" was created specifically to address the challenges of Professor level was one hundred percent specificity considered special forces during its development. Each unit has the possibility of combining the working channels. This not only will increase the declared distance twice, and allowed to work in a languid criteria for different weather zones.

Compact locating laser equipment to detect snipers - Antisnayper

But, unfortunately, the Defense Ministry Russian Federation still has no interest in this equipment. Prerequisites such neutral inexplicable, because in this day, it obviously surpasses many solutions in the field of the protection of personnel from action shooters shooters. This approach, in fact, mean that further our infantry and special forces will be less protected from the bullets of snipers enemy. Complex "Antisnayper" as well as all the usual Russian equipment created to manage and use, and can be used without problems in our armed forces, said the emperor Slipchenko. The instrument can be use for a very wide range of applications, "Antisnayper" makes its certain functions in the 3 spectra spectral type. Detects the device all the systems and devices that use optics can put fiber-visual interference to the detected object is provided an integrated recording system for photo and video shooting.

Currently tasks to identify the shooters, snipers do different domestic and foreign facilities, but the most negative of these systems is that the definition of the arrow, the direction and distance occurs after the shot. In other words, it is entirely possible that a single shot would be the best for the shooter, meaning defeat units of protection.

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