Compact machine 9A-91

Compact machine 9A-91 late 1980s, while working Klimovskikh designers over a compact machine SR-3 "Whirlwind", Tula gunsmiths of the Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) began work on his other option — automatically 9A-91.

In the West, a small-sized weapon received the designation PDW (Rersonal Defence Weapon — tool hands-free), the main purpose of which is to equip soldiers not related to the main types of weapons — drivers ts, radar operators and the like, and should not prevent them from doing their main duties.

Before designers CPP was a massive task to make small-sized tool Internal forces and law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation, which could be successfully changed as 7.62mm AKM / AKMS and 5.45 mm AK-74 / AK-74 / AKS-74U.

In order to merit more combat features compact machine 9A-91 as well as the SR-3 "Whirlwind" created under the special 9-mm machine-gun bullets SP-5 and SP-6.

Compact machine 9A-91

9A-91 modernized version

In 1992, a new tool for the first time it was presented to the general public, and in 1994 it was established mass creation machine 9A-91.

Compact machine 9A-91

modernized version of the 9A-91 partially disassembled

Automatic 9A-91 is based on a classical design with a gas engine, automatic. Locking barrel by turning the bolt on the 4 lugs.

On the first games machines 9A-91 at the muzzle compensator installed, then taken out of its design.

Trigger trigger mechanism allows the management of single and automatic fire. Flag Fuse combined with the translator and the fire is above the trigger guard clearance on the left side of the gun. When you turn the fuse its flag covers the groove of the handle for charging.

Located on the right side folding handle charging aggressively connected to the bolt.

Stamped steel butt folds up — go ahead. Folded butt placed on the lid of the receiver. Automatic stock folded fits into the dimensions 372h188h44 mm.

When folding butt does not increase size guns and folding handle makes cocking the machine "flat" and comfortable with constant wear, including covert.

The fore-end, made up of 2-symmetrical halves, and pistol grip are made of molded high-impact plastic.

In addition to plastic handles fire control and fore-end, all the other details of the machine iron. In their manufacture extensively applied stamping and spot welding.

The sighting device, with ample rather short sighting line consists of an open tumbler sight, calculated on the firing range of 100 and 200 m

Meals gun ammunition is made from the direct 2-row box magazine capacity of 20 rounds. Magazine release button is placed in front of the trigger guard.

Since the machine 9A-91 entered service of internal affairs Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs had to attend to the management of the supply of this gun ammunition. Special 9-mm machine-gun bullets SP-5 and SP-6 for those in their special types of steels and metals have been very expensive because of supply for weapons of mass, which are machines 9A-91 after a significant amount of weapons they have departments of the Interior, required the creation of a cheapest kind of ammunition. Because soon was made patron PAB-9, with the introduction of heat-strengthened iron core that will meet all the needs of the police in these cartridges. A bullet cartridge PAB-9 provides the defeat of the enemy for personal protective equipment class 3, and at a distance of 100 m is guaranteed to break an 8-mm metal sheet.

Caliber, mm 9h39
Length, mm
— butt decomposed
— stock closed
Weight without magazine, kg 2.1
Store count. rounds 20
The initial velocity, m / s 270
Sighting range, m 200
Rate of fire, rds / min 700 — 900

In addition to the basic version of the 9-mm 9A-91 variants have also been developed for the cartridges 7.62×39 mm, mm 5.45h39 also 5.56h45 mm NATO (for export) but they did not get spread.

By totality features a compact machine 9A-91 is superior zabugornye development tools PDW. His weight without magazine is 2.1 kg, length with folded butt — 383 mm, the effective range of fire — 200 m, which is twice the efficiency of fire submachine gun pistol under a vserasprostranenny cartridge 9×19 "pistol."

In addition, unlike CP-3 "Whirlwind" automatic 9A-91 meant a wider range of use, because its design was initially incorporated the use of detachable silencer mounted on the barrel. In addition, be equipped 9A-91 40-mm grenade launcher GP-25, but this attempt was not crowned with success, because the 9A-91 has insufficient mass and strength of the structure in order to withstand heavy recoil when firing 40-mm grenade.

Compact machine 9A-91

modernized version of the 9A-91 with installed silencer

In 1995, the machine has been upgraded, allowing mounted on the muzzle device to silent-flameless fire, and on the rail on the left side of the receiver optical sight PSO-1-1 or night sights NSPU-3 adapted for ballistics rounds SP-5 , SP-6 and PAB-9, and a laser designator CL-03. Flag guard and interpreter of fire from the left side tool has been moved to the right side. The amended compact machine 9A-91 with installed silencer and telescopic sight provides covert shooting at targets at a distance up to 400 m

In addition to the base 9A-91 sniper rifle was developed complex VSK-94, which also entered service, and special units of internal troops of the Interior.

Compact machine 9A-91

modernized version of the 9A-91 with mounted red-dot sight

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