Compact machines (Article II): Tornado Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 Simon

In the previous article on compact machines have been described two models of guns, took part in the competition "Modern", as standard, which has become a prerequisite for this contest. In this article, propose to discern more notable options remaining competition "Modern", the more so that some of them deserve much attention. The last two versions of compact machines that took part in the competition "Modern", were developed by gunsmiths who have already had a pretty sounding names, and of other options tools, developed as part of the utilities that were made famous designers. But not many people know that the competition can participate automatic, unknown to anyone who has developed a student of Tula Higher Artillery Engineering College Shevchenko A. From the review of this standard, I propose to start the second article of the Russian compact machines. Especially since the instrument proposed by the young inventor was different from the other models.

Small machines (Article II): "Tornado" Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 SimonThe opportunity to get to the competition "Modern" in the cadet Shevchenko appeared thanks to the fact that in 1977 on his own initiative, without monetary support from outside, on the development of a compact machine has entered the Military Scientific Society cadets Tula Higher Artillery Engineering College. Specifically, there has arisen a standard machine with a resounding naming of "Twister" under 5,45 x39. This machine was distinguished not only by their external appearance of many other models that were presented at the competition, and on the principle of locking the barrel. Well, if you read the purity, this principle of locking was generally quite new and have never been used, so that one can read that the student has developed a hundred percent Shevchenko his weapon, not focusing on other models.

First, it should be noted the assembly tool, which was a bullpup assembly. In general, it is surprising that the development of a compact machine one of the recognizable designers did his instrument specifically in such an assembly, right to reduce the length of the tool, as it can not do anything at all this remains a relatively common stem length and agility while shooting guns repeatedly grows .

Small machines (Article II): "Tornado" Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 SimonNaturally, there is also a Bullpup build a huge number of shortcomings: ejection of spent cartridges close to the face hands, biased and unfamiliar to many gun balance is not always comfortable accommodation units management, etc.. In general, it's all you can "win" there is a will and adequate funding. In part, the young designer was able to solve some difficulties guns. Thus, the center of mass of its compact machine was at the pistol handle guns, which allowed for fire even without stops in the shoulder, it is obvious that not what kind of accuracy when shooting itself, and there could be no, but when you want to shoot without delay, it was only in the plus weapons. The instrument could take advantage of both right-handed and left-hander, not with similar ease, of course, but still. However, before the introduction had to do some manipulations with the compact machine so that sleeve was flying in the right direction. Some shortcomings that are inherent in the assembly bullpup weapon in a compact machine model "Twister" were even more apparent than in the other arms. Thus, the gun shop was located very close to the shoulder, hand, because of the substitution had to take away the gun from the shoulder and only then change shop, touch it was very difficult to do. In general, placing the store so close to the shooter did not have severe drawback, provided that the main task was to self-defense gun crews of armored vehicles, artillery calculations, drivers and so on.

Small machines (Article II): "Tornado" Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 SimonThe basis for a compact machine has become vapor system with a longish stroke. The barrel is locked performed using an L-shaped rocker on the axle bolt that locks the barrel for two stops. With the assistance of the inclined sections liner in the receiver and the swinging gate during roll forward the bolt carrier rotates the bolt and locking the barrel. Similarly, with the assistance of the inclined sections of parts was happening and unlocking of the barrel. It's hard to say how such a system is reliable and durable because normally it has not been investigated. Of course, that Tula Higher Artillery Engineering College had neither the means nor the ability for the future development of the project, so they asked for help from TsKIB town of Tula, where fully expected were refused. Very surprising that innovation is not interested and did not try to bring "to mind" the work of the young designer, though his proposal was really quite fascinating and sought a deep study. And the fact that this system could be drawbacks, as history has known a great number of examples of when a gun is simply not adapted to fire was made masterpieces. That's so that's lost young talents.

Of the positive properties of a similar locking system must be noted that it has a positive effect on the compactness of the gun, and it is this seriously reduces the length of the receiver. In addition, a similar system of locking the barrel, due to the fact that all of its elements are moving very rapidly, allows increment rate right up to 1,800 rounds per minute. Of course, one could argue that such a rate — it's faster minus the guns, but do not forget about the purpose of such tools. In addition, you can refer to the work of Hermann Alexandrovich Korobov, which resulted in the conclusion that a similar rate of positive impact on the accuracy of shooting from awkward positions, and this is exactly what is needed in this case. Also, do not forget the fact that the assembly is allowed to use guns trunk normal length of 415 mm, and this increase in speed of the bullet.

Small machines (Article II): "Tornado" Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 SimonNoticeable point in the weapon would be that the young designer managed to make a trigger mechanism for firing not only single shots and a longish queue, and a cutoff of three cartridges that at a sufficiently high rate of automatic fire seems entirely reasonable. Of course, all this is based not on the cardboard records and drawings. Was collected only working standard tools, for all that is necessary to see that he had earned it without debugging and refinement. The result of the firing of the standard was really impressive, because the
"kid" was a heap at shooting from awkward positions in comparison with full-size AKS-74U at distances up to 300 meters. Particularly obvious advantage was seen at shooting from awkward positions, and when shooting without a stop in the shoulder tool demonstrated slightly worse results than the AKS-74U. Also fascinating moment can be identified that on the gas tube gun had a place to land for mounting additional sighting devices when the "standard" including the availability side bar. The iron sights folded and did not interfere with the use of additional sighting devices. Were up in arms and cons, for example in the form of a pen gate, which was placed on top of gun and was nothing covered, that makes the probability of accidental needle injury. The close placement of the store guns in hand shoulder, and accordingly, the lock shop was also not the best solution, because it appeared possible that the case be removed shop if odezhka or equipment to cling to the magazine catch.

That is now a fascinating tool were invited to a cadet who does not enough that he had no experience in development tools, so besides not using the standard solutions in it, and made it his own. How successful would be a system of automatic locking himself can currently only speculate, one thing is certain: "Tornado" would never have prevailed in the "Modern", because even famous gunsmiths treated this competition with a large modicum skepticism, understanding that preference will be given tools version, which is based on the AK74, as it happened in the following. State that such "love" for the AK was not excessive, the decision was made initially with an emphasis on savings in the production, so it is not sad to admit it was true. But the question of what the young talent pulled the plug from the start, not even interested in his work is the only negative emotions, who knows, maybe the next person that would be those who would standard replacing the AK and its superior in all ways.

But do not let the sad and will return to competition "Modern", and then considered an instrument of many compact machine is a standard that made Konstantinov, under the name AEK-958. It is surprising, but compact automatic Konstantinov was the commercial vehicle and practically does not stand out in the middle of others. To all other find information on the weapons with the exact figure was not the most common problem, the only thing that can surely read about this weapon is the fact that the trunk was hardly longer than 215 mm, and the machine was a length of about 450 mm stock folded and unfolded least 750, weighing less than 2.5 kilograms. Such conclusions can be drawn from the restrictions that have been put forward in the framework of "Modern", as well as from the length of the traditional line-up of guns and in which a very long barrel just does not fit. Also, based on the mechanism of the gun barrel length and it can be concluded that the speed of a bullet fired from the barrel of this compact machine is unlikely to exceed the speed of 735 meters per second, the same rate was in the range of 600 rounds per minute. But it is, so to speak, my reasoning, not accurate information, so to say that all the numbers are correct, with good intentions, I can not, but in general, they must conform to reality, like as not get them from the ceiling.

Small machines (Article II): "Tornado" Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 SimonAutomatic compact machine AEK-958 is built around the removal of powder gases from the barrel during firing, the barrel locking occurs when you turn the valve on the two stops. The trigger mechanism allows management tools like automatic fire and single shots. Exactly like all the other standards, this compact machine designed for those soldiers, for which it needs more in self-defense, rather than as the main tool to work against the enemy, hence its small size, light weight, and not the highest accuracy .

Sights guns are all familiar with rear sight, designed for firing up to 500 meters and fly. Also on the right side of a gun strap designed to mount night vision sights NSVU, an optical sight is appropriate to keep quiet with a barrel length of 215 mm. Also on the right hand guns were placed all the controls, including the handle release and the fire selector switch / fuse on the pistol grip. In most case with the handle placed accessories service tools. Shops of which is powered compact machine capacity can be 20 rounds or 30 rounds of AK74. One of the major shortcomings machine can be considered as the stock that folds to the right side, covering the elements of control, and even though they are all still available to use them very uncomfortable. By the way, there is a variant of the compact machine with the butt neramochnogo type that really closes a hundred percent whole right side of the instrument, respectively, before implementing it must be expanded, which is unacceptable in a compact machine that is designed for self-defense troops. Fascinating element in a compact machine AEK-958 is its flash suppressor, which was not quite the right shape, partly because of reduced toss the weapon when firing line, but consider it a solution for such prepyadstviya impossible, because it is only partly compensates for this nasty moment.

So Makar, you can read about what a compact machine AEK-958 in this case would not have made harsh konkurentnst other swatches because it was the instrument totally average, both in their features, and on the structure. Personally, I was very amazed because Konstantinova I always thought one of the main contenders Kalashnikov. In general, you can look at the situation in a different way, seeing the futility of the struggle for supremacy in this case, the designer has made a compact machine just to him from behind, and he continued to work on more exciting and promising variations guns.

Small machines (Article II): "Tornado" Shevchenko, AEK-958 Konstantinova, AG-043 SimonWell, the last of the consideration in this article compact machine design is the brainchild of Simon's under the name of AG-043. This standard is also not far widely recognized, little is said about the authentically principle of his work, but there is a clear number on which you can at least present something. The most important feature of this machine are its size and weight, in fact, he is the only one prototype which fit into the framework of "Modern", well, except that in addition to the ability of an effective fire at a distance of up to 500 meters. In the traditional assembly and barrel length of 215 mm, this gun had a total length of 420 mm with butt folded and unfolded 680, the same weight at all it was only 2.1 kilograms. Ate given standard of detachable stores with 30 rounds from a Kalashnikov. Specifically, its small size and low weight are the basis for the rumor that Tipo this standard tools all the same have adopted, but not for the army, and for the KGB that the next was less than fiction, though it is possible that this issue considered.

Unfortunately, nothing is clear about how the system is implemented automation tools, to believe something so stupid, because the rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute in full of nothing is not states. So the dream will not, and leave a space blank — maybe in the next he is full of reliable
information. Sights tools consist of a rear sight and front sight. On the right side of the fire mode switch is placed. Butt folded up and fixed front sight for a compact machine. Handle the gate is placed on the right side. In fact, that's all you can tell this is really a space-saving machine.

Here's a little-known standards such tools participated in the contest "Modern". All for this torture compact machines chambered for 5.45 × 39 and proceed to the mercy of the younger specimens under special ammunition 9h39, but of them already in the next article.

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