Construction News of the APEC summit in Vladivostok

The construction of the main pillars of the bridge to the island of Russian in Vladivostok overstepped the mark of two meters. It is at this altitude there is an installation of the first cable-stayed core nodes, which will strengthen the ends of each steel filament. Work on the installation is under the constant supervision of surveyors. Each node on the pylon must match exactly the same on the side of the bridge span. Therefore, the measurements here are literally millimeters.

Ahead of the builders still concreting of 126 meters of the pylons of the bridge on the Russian island. Bridge builders continue to rise at the same time the central span panels and training ground overpass on the Cape to Nazimova asphalt roadway.

In addition to the bridge on the Russian island of the APEC summit in Primorye constructed housing Far Eastern Federal University, roads, sewage treatment plants, airport, theater, opera and ballet, bridges. More details about the construction — a video report seaside television "OTV-Prim".

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