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World government.  New world order.  Logo.The theory that the world is governed by the secret society of powerful members of the human race, are the oldest conspiracy theories. The existence of most of these groups is highly doubtful, but sometimes there are real grounds for such hypotheses. For example, in ancient times in the world did have a lot of influential Jewish bankers. However, the theory that their decisions determine the fate of all mankind, is, for the most part, the result of pure speculation, with no under a how-ever convincing evidence.

Secret meetings

At the same time, the existence of the "Bilderberg" is a real historical fact. It was created 55 years ago. The Group has no legal entity, not even the home page and, despite everything, continues to organize its annual meeting, the venue of which is kept secret. Finally, the group did include many of the most influential people of the world, such as Henry Kissinger and Paul Wolfowitz, and multiple Rockefellers, Fords and Agnellisy. But the most important is the fact that Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended team meetings before the lead their governments. Coincidence? Possible. But if we look at the composition of the present administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, we will see how far can spread the influence of the club, for the vast majority of key positions there own bilderbergtsam.

So, what are the known facts about this mysterious organization? It was founded in 1954 and got its name from the Dutch hotel where the first meeting was held. The founders of the group were influential British politician Denis Healey those years, Joseph Retinger, David Rockefeller and Dutch Prince Bernardo, who in his youth was a member of the Nazi Party.

The headquarters of the group is still in the Netherlands, in the quiet town of Leiden. However, all the phone calls to the office inevitably get an anonymous voicemail.

The official reason for the creation of the "Bilderberg", declared publicly, was the need to improve communication between Western Europe and North America through the meetings of the most influential personalities in an informal setting. If she has any problem candy, then, in the words of one of the founders of the Lord Healey, it is to establish a democracy in the world. The Steering Committee annually compiles a list of those invited to the meeting. Funding of conferences at the expense of the budget-friendly corporations, nip such as "Nokia" and "Fiat". Participation in, the leaders of world politics and industry. Attendance is available to the public, but the topics of discussion are kept secret, and participants in meetings need to promise that none of the issues discussed at them will not be known to the media or the general public. Of course, such secrecy has attracted attention of skeptics and gave up arms conspiracy theorists.

Themselves bilderbergtsy not call it privacy and confidentiality — and that the confidentiality of the discussions and the lack of coverage in the media is critical to enabling outstanding people to freely express their ideas without fear of becoming targets of discussions press.

A dark chain?

There are many elite clubs in which the rich and powerful people meet away from prying eyes, but Bilderberg is special. Members of his love to believe that the group "Bilderberg", respectable organization, the board of enlightened minds, focused on the ideals of liberal democracy, and its task is not to spread further help build a better structure of our world. David Rockefeller, at a meeting of the "Bilderberg" in Baden-Baden in 1991, on this occasion spoke clearly: "We are grateful to the Washington Post, New York Times, Time magazine and other prominent publications, the heads of which nearly forty years attended our meetings and observe confidentiality. We would not have been able to develop our plan for the world order if all of these years, we are facing lights spotlights. But in our time, the world of temptation and ready to march towards a world government. Supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is certainly preferable to national self-determination practiced in past centuries. "

But what is the plan of the infamous world order? Many critics suggest that the group has a darker purpose. Perhaps it is the engine of globalization. Perhaps this organization is designed to ensure the formation of a new world order, the world, all of whose inhabitants acquire the same goods, watch the same movies and TV shows, and believe the statements of the same politicians. In other words, the structure of the world, aimed at making a profit — of "Earth".

Maybe the critics are right, and to the leaders of the far more sinister? For example, the creation of a worldwide neo-Nazi state? (The debates effective methods of birth control and to reduce the population by 80 percent. This can be seen in the study of works and performances of the notorious David Rockefeller.)

What happens behind the scenes?

Specific, implemented activities of the organization include the creation of the conditions of the Rome Treaty, which underlies the European Union and the Eurozone. In May 1999, the Serbian news agencies reported that the war in Kosovo was designed as a "Balkan Vietnam" at the meeting of the "Bilderberg" in Scotland in 1996, which took part in the Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Baron Rothschild. They wanted the trial of Serb war crimes at the Hague Tribunal, and, according to the Serbian press, the war with Russia. Also argues that the information about the upcoming war in Iraq was first performed at the group meetings.

In 1998, at the regular meeting of the club (which was attended by Anatoly Chubais) discussed a plan of some agreement under which Russia was divided into several zones of control: the center of Siberia and depart the United States and England, the South and the Volga region — Turkey and the Far East — Japan and North West — Germany.

In June 2006, at a meeting of the club in the town of Kanata, a suburb of the Canadian capital of Ottawa, focused on issues of energy, again Russia policy and the situation in the Middle East. Also discussed terrorism, forced settlement of other races white, the union of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico into a single state, and the need to invade Iran. Along the way, it was decided to "freeze" has developed SUPER SAVER car with fuel consumption 1 gallon per 200 miles. Then, at the suggestion of Henry Kissinger, it was decided to increase the price of oil to $ 105 a barrel.

In 2007, the Bilderberg conference held in Istanbul, which discussed the issue of global climate change, geopolitics in the Middle East, the role of Turkey in the European Union, the reform of the World Bank, the Iranian nuclear issue.

In 2008, the main item on the agenda was the question of the Bilderberg Club of widespread subcutaneous implantation of microchip Americans under the pretext of fighting terrorism and the need for physicians to access information on the status of patients in emergency situations.

Electronic concentration camp

Implantation of microchips in the U.S. has been practiced for a long time. Twenty years ago began to implant chips livestock, replacing the process of branding with a hot iron. "Human" chips planned to check on the residents of South America and Europe. The first had to become guinea patients with transplanted organs (under the pretext of constant supervision of physicians), and criminals. Since then, the public reaction to the "chipizatsiyu" man was still very negative, was released on the chip in a bracelet that transmits information about the whereabouts of his vehicle.

The global "chipizatsii" society rather eloquently stated in the document the European Union, adopted in March 2005. This conclusion is number 20 of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies: "Modern society has been face to face with the changes that need to be subjected to human nature. That's the next stage of progress: from observation by videonadzora and biometrics, as well as through the introduction into the human body of various electronic devices, subcutaneous chips and smart labels, the human personality change to the point that they are more and more turning into the network card. They should be able to from time to time to receive and transmit signals that allow movement, habits and contacts to be monitored and evaluated. This should change the value of the individual's autonomy. And a change in the concept of human dignity. Some violations of basic, natural rights of the individual, place it as the transformation of the body, do not detract from its dignity and its constitutional rights and freedoms. "

So no one free, according to the authoritative representatives of the EU, will not lose. In 2003, the beginning of the "chipizatsiya" of Mexico, where the implants in their bodies are more than 10 thousand people. In 2004, the microcapsules were implanted identification of the Attorney General of Mexico, Rafael Macedo de la Concha and 160 prosecutors.

But not like this process subjects the darkest dystopia imposing total control over humanity? After all, developed in recent years, new types of biochips, besides medical and identification functions, may perform other — down to change the behavior of people implanted and control over their emotions. For example, increasing the production of adrenaline, biochips help soldiers reach the state of complete fearlessness, literally turning them into bio-robots.

Despite the fact that at the moment the chip implantation is voluntary (except for criminals), planned for the future mandatory implantation. And in order to persuade the inhabitants of the necessity of this process, it is enough to hold a couple of attacks, similar to the events of September 11.

"We are not so influential …"

However, while all of the field assumptions. It seems that the evidence for strong accusations against the group "Bilderberg", or very little, or not at all. Anyone who seriously believes in the existence of the underground activities of the organization, once derided as "conspiracy theorists" and put on a par with the "paranoid", consider that killed Princess Diana Queen of England or aliens from outer space. Bildergberdtsy themselves argue that their influence does not extend so far as to write about it in the newspapers, leading with numerous examples of the "blunders" of the group. Despite this, several investigators and researchers have devoted years of his life investigating the club. Their published articles and books can shed light on many of the events and the role played in them by members of the Bilderberg Group.

Here are some examples: Ford lost the presidential election to Jimmy Carter nebilderbergtsu publicly promised in his campaign speeches "to drive away" from the power of the representatives of the club "Bilderberg". Blunder? No. The fact that Carter, in turn, was part of another secret, the so-called Tripartite Commission known as the Trilateral, whose members and occupied the White House during his presidency. But it later emerged that many of the founders were Trilateralya … Bilderberger.

George HW Bush won the presidential election in 1988, did not join the group, while his opponents were bilderbergtsy John Kerry, John Edwards, John McCain and Gary Hart. However, Bush is also a member Trilateralya.

Interestingly, in 1964, David Rockefeller met with Nikita Khrushchev, and less than four months later, Khrushchev was forced to resign. Is there any relationship between these two events?

"Bilderberg" today

This year in Greece held a meeting Bilderberg. Anonymous sources said that the meeting of members of the group, this time held in a gloomy atmosphere: the situation deteriorates so that they may lose control over events. But maybe that is just a "duck." Recent years bilderbergtsy conduct deliberate dismantling of the global economy, and the current economic crisis could lead to a reduction by two-thirds of the population as a result of starvation or pandemic. Worth thinking about: is this crisis and rising mortality thus the long-planned financial elite "establishment of democracy in the world"?

V.Konstantinov "Interesting newspaper. Mysteries of civilization »№ 22 2009

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