Coon left thousands of people without electricity Canadian city

Thousands of residents of Winnipeg Canada on Tuesday for a few hours without electricity after a raccoon climbed into the transformer vault, provoked in the wire, according to Canadian broadcaster CBC.

According to a power company Manitoba Hydro Glenn Schneider (Glenn Schneider), because of this incident left without electricity the St. Vital, Fort Garry and Charlsvud, home to several thousand people.

"We are more anxious to keep away the hardware people, we have a fence and barbed wire. But raccoons — very curious creatures, they can get anywhere," — commented on the incident Schneider.

As noted in the channel itself is not a troublemaker survived electrocution.

This is not the first incident where the animals disrupt Manitoba Hydro. In mid-May, the massive power outage caused goose caught in a power line conductors.

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