Correct life: the Slavs about life and death

What do you think of death, creates your life. Let's see what they believed Aryans and their descendants, the Slavs, and what is for them a proper life.

We are not afraid of God

Slavs were not atheists, as a lack of faith in a higher power and the immortality of the soul resolves any actions. In their world order were the gods, were higher power, was to understand divine commandments — all that is and the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. And, of course, that divine commandments determined morality, conscience is formed, led by worldly deeds.

Correct life: the Slavs about life and death

But the striking relation of the Slavs to the world, and to the gods themselves, in any case, can not be called "God-fearing"! And the gap is between the Slavic and Christian faith, which is a fundamental precept: "I am the servant of God."

Slavs believed in the rules, and know that the world is built correctly, according to the laws of the gods of light. This can marvel endlessly, but the lack of vices that now thrive in those days was based on a proud feeling, "We the descendants of the gods." Their ancestors to be respected, to ask for advice and help, but how can you be afraid? Slavs and were not afraid.

There is no heaven or hell

In the illustration, "The device is the world" (see below) from the book "Gods and men" (published by "Northern Tales") shows how the Slavs imagined world.

We live in the Reveal — hence the term "reality", "dream come true", "be" in the meaning to be. Reality — the world of earth, real, existing, manifest now, now, tangible, corporeal, material. World clear, this human world, a world in which man is only a guest. Soul, finding temporary flesh, passing through explicit state, learning and improving.

But, at the same time, there are rules — and our world order in the explicit world — is a map of the world are right. Live the "wrong" — it means to violate the established world order. Rights also called "Bright Iriy" and consisted of nine heavens. On air live Blonde Gods Rights. Hence the expression "in seventh heaven" as a synonym for supreme happiness.

Finally, Nav — a world in which the soul goes to wait for the next explicit lives. And that is very important! Remember the commandments of the Christian religion — it is necessary to keep the commandments, because — I need to "save the soul", otherwise it will go to hell. The Slavs in the heyday of the culture there was no concept of Hell (only later, under the influence of the same Christian religion has been corrupted — there was a picture of the Peclet (as the lower world, where suffering soul) and that some souls take to the Rule, Bright Iriy )!

There was no heaven or hell, and that meant, in terms of psychology, that the Slavs had no major external regulators of behavior — either positive incentives in the form of sticks ("you will behave yourself, go to heaven and eternal bliss") or negative motivation in the form of sticks ("you will not behave, go to hell and burn in hellfire").

And, if you stop to think of how a people lived without these controls, you can see the proud Slavic moral: "I am a man, I am God, and what I'm doing is right." Original identity, adjustable only their own conscience.

Creators of the murderers

Correct life: the Slavs about life and death

In today's world, such identity based solely on the internal regulator generates both enlightened artists and criminals and murderers. Who are egoists, villains and murderers? They BezSovestnye.

Build their lives on their conscience … Where does a man's conscience? Conscience is formed in childhood. That is why the inviolable Slavic traditions were weddings, anchored on top of family life, the strength of family ties for the education of the next generation. Only in such circumstances, the child is formed proper outlook — inner freedom, adjustable correct conscience.

That is why we can recognize that our ancestors were Slavs talented people — free and living right. You know that the supreme God of the Slavs was Svarog, God — the blacksmith, blacksmiths of sparks which the gods were born, and if the spark falling on the person, then it woke Creator. Hence the expression "divine spark", which means talent.

Correct life: the Slavs about life and death

As we awaken genetic conscience?

Some of us are awake — not by chance that we are here, on this site, looking for some answers to the secret questions.

In my opinion, a very good way — is to read books from "North Tale."

The book "Gods and men" — a very light and soft entry into this other world of our ancestors.
The world, which currently holds both death and life, and the gods, and devils. And best of all — it is the world in which they live humane and noble gods People living in godly.

It's "only" the stories that you can read the most for yourself, or read aloud to children, but such stories that I want to laugh and cry, to worry about the characters and believe in good things, which, probably, in this tale, as in life , did not triumph over evil.

Correct life: the Slavs about life and death

To order the book, please visit www.severnayaskazka.rf
Book, read, let your life be correct!

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