Crop Circles

The first crop circles have been seen in 1972, when the two witness, Arthur Shattlvud and Bruce Bond, sat on the side of a hill hoping to see that mysterious unidentified flying object, make this area a mecca for UFO England. But the fact that they saw this moonlit night was somewhat more extraordinary: a hundred feet they saw as part of a fan-like ears were killed, forming a perfect circle. C that moment came about eighty reports of exactly the same incidents. The appearance of the circle takes about twenty seconds, and is often accompanied by a creaking sound, which was recorded on tape and then recognized by NASA as the sound of artificial origin.

Crop Circles (Part 1)

Crop Circles (Part 1)After a decade phenomenon began to manifest itself quantitatively. By that time there were already more than 9000 reports of ANC over the world, 90% of which came from England. There is also worth mentioning that most of the community does not even reported, as most of people do not represent that it is, and even if they are, do not know where obraschatsya.

If you think that all these circles are made by two old ladies with planks and ropes, then you're not in the minority. Once again, the government is trying to subjugate the public perception of the unknown, using the method of deception called "discredit", method, invented during the Cold War in order to control public opinion about the UFO phenomenon. (This was the main task Penela Robertson in 1953, but found out about it only in 1977 thanks to the Freedom of Information Covenant USA). This method is quite effective because the media did not provide any scientific or technical information, from which it may give an opinion. Then ridiculed phenomenon by comparing it with other "extreme" subjects, or inviting various "experts" that explains all the bad weather conditions or someone's hooligan antics. Let's trace the history of discrediting the end.

According to the documents, all the ANC had made the two old men named Doug and Dave. As we now know, they were instructed by the British government at the request of the CIA, and were asked to recognize that all of them were made by the ANC. According to information received from the higher ranks of the British Ministry of Defence, the Government held out the two "jokers" in order to discredit the phenomenon, and thus suppress the ever-growing public interest in the KNP.

But when they were shown in a TV interview some figures, Doug and Dave suddenly changed his story and began to claim that they never make these figures, although they claimed that they did all the figures in England. They also pointed out that about half of all known figures were found fifty miles west of Silburry Hill, but they denied their involvement and to these circles. This went on and on, and by the end of the program even the perpetrators of the events were not sure what kind of community they did.

But in such programs have never been shown the real fruits of their labor. Instead of curves trampled small spots on wheat we were shown more accurate and beautiful figure. This technique is commonly used in news programs, making cheap sensationalism (trust me, I worked in an advertising agency).

After Doug and Dave's a lot of scams has risen to the stage, some do it for money, some for glory, some just trying to answer the mysterious forces (obtained some interesting results, which I have mentioned in their articles.) On average, about 30 percent of the pieces are made by people.

Not long ago, a group of prominent fraud was hired news program NBC, to travel to New Zealand and make it a very high quality piece which would not have passed the test of authenticity. The fact that more than one circle contains no fake set of features that includes a real figure.

At the moment we have about seven thousand ANC created by force is not known to modern science. The problem of fraud is that the wheat should be pressed by some physical object, which will surely break the ears. In these figures, the ears are not broken, but merely bent about an inch from the ground, where there is a first caper of the ear. It seems that the plants are short exposure of heat, which softens them and makes the bend to the ground almost at right angles, where they again become rigid. Technology known to mankind, with which to do it. This method is a major figure in determining authenticity.

Also forgers can not reproduce features such as thickening of the ear, and an expansion to the node, the embryo changes in cereals, and the appearance of cavities in the plants, as if they have been heated from the inside. Also in these figures show changes in the cellular structure.

Still, the plant does not die, and still growing. None of the fake is not able to play.

In general, the differences are obvious. These figures mathematically accurate, some encrypted various complex theorem. The edges of these figures differ from fakes, since removed with surgical precision. Spikes twisted into a spiral, which uses the same logarithmic proportion as in the Fibonacci numbers or golden ratio, which, however, can be found in nature, such as shells or horn sheep. The bottom of the figure can have up to five layers, and wheat in each layer is wound in a direction opposite the previous one. Each spike in them lies neatly next to another. In the center of the circle ears can intertwine artful manner, and often in the center of the can is only one standing right ear (usually the center of the beam is intact ears).

In contrast to these circles fakes ears just dumped in different directions, and trodden down, and, of course, broken.

Another feature of this community — this increased infrared radiation inside and outside the shape. Also in the manufacture of these Terms of mysterious forces use extremely complex forms of Euclidean geometry to change the magnetic structure, which is why compasses can not determine where the north and south, where, cameras, mobile phones and batteries are not functioning, and the aircraft began doing odd instruments when flying over figure (probably magnetic structure there is nothing, and everything is to blame also unknown field or radiation, as in the anomalous zones — approx. translator) Geiger counters show an increase of radiation is about three times the normal background. Also, the animals from the surrounding farms to avoid places the figure on the field even before the figure appears. Very often, car batteries in the surrounding villages completely run down, and sometimes the electricity is switched off in the whole village.

These figures also love placed on top of the Earth energy lines, affecting the energy pattern of the area. They often repeat the characteristic size, shape, and direction of the local Neolithic, and can be "scanned" with vines, and include about 20 layers of concentric patterns. (? — The original looks like: They often reference the local Neolithic features in size / shape / direction, and are dowsable upon entry, with as many as 20 layers of concentric patterns.) Even when the crop is harvested, and the following year the field again plowed and sown, lozohodets be able to determine the place where the figure.

Usually circles at night, between 23:30 and 4:00 hours. At the time, when in the UK the shortest night, hundreds of military, farmers, scientists and ufologists closely monitoring fields, hoping to witness the emergence of the figure. Two of the few lucky people who happened to notice something, seen as a big glowing balls sent a yellow beam of light on the field, and the following day on this site was found figure. Many brought with them the sensitive equipment, but the pieces appear right under their noses. Once a figure materialized right on the lawn of the residence of the British prime minister, on a strictly protected area.

In 1996, a pilot flying over Stonehenge said that the surrounding fields all clean, but after 45 minutes, a figure representing a computer fractal Julia Set. This figure was 900 feet in length, and contained 145 small circles. The figure formed in the immediate vicinity of the well-protected monument, but no protection, no visitors will not see the moment of formation. I visited this figure with 11-Tew investigators no later than five hours after it was formed.

See photos, read articles, and better themselves go figure. You will believe in them very quickly.

"… Once the old man planted wheat. Kind born a wheat, but only one that got into the habit wheat crush trample yes …"
Wrote these lines for a long time. Written, as you know, about nMCs-Burk, about Humpbacked Horse, about our peasants, about the Russian field. And you read them and you wonder: as if someone is reporting from the modern British farms. And this time we're not convinced.

Crop Circles (Part 2)

Every summer, British farmers are waiting for the traditional test. Ha grain nivah appear strange circles. And they are going to look at the many fans of the supernatural. The entrance fee to the "field of dreams" — one pound. Ho According to farmers, this will not stop enthusiasts. After their "warm" prizes in 5 and 10 thousand pounds, designated fund Koestler and the newspaper "Sunday Mirror". However, the amount could easily bring to a million.

I'll tell you: the chances of success are minimal.

Particularly concerned about the inhabitants of the so-called Usekskogo treugolniha — places in the central part of the south of England, bounded by the parties at about 70 kilometers. Haibolee actively phenomenon was prescribed here. Phenomenon — a sassy and intriguing. Hu as in a fairy tale, but crushes tramples psheniiu someone elusive. In the evening, the field is flat, and in the morning — please: crops neatly stacked. Some force bends the bread to the ground, and they continue to grow — bent but not broken.

Sometimes, however, the force is so powerful that it pulls the plants by the roots:

"Kobylytsya young
Ochyu wildly flashing
Serpent's head had built
And sped like an arrow.
Winds around over fields
Hangs seams have moats "
(The Humpbacked Horse)

Fairytale version about filly — controversial. And the rest is surely noticed, most often occur in fields circles. Last summer, they found 6ylo 6olee 400. Wheat fell large and small circles from a hundred meters in diameter to one. In large circles of bread flattened clockwise in small — against. Ho sometimes vice versa.

Recently, a phenomenon expressed himself differently. First, there were a series of circles arranged symmetrically and in order. Then they began to find wheels with trim, with arcs, with "satellite", with spikes, with a "comma", with lots of plants in the center untouched. Very puzzled many "triangles." And it really stunned complex patterns length of several hundred meters. This is slightly less than the figures in the desert Haska.

Of course, try to solve the puzzle. The military, for example, regularly photographed from the plane circles and record the facts surrounding their appearance. True, their findings are usually not report. But reports of other surveys do not count. The problem is that scientists are struggling not only with the mystery, but also with each other. Ukrupnnenno for the scientific battle is as follows: on the one hand specialists tending to natural causes of the phenomenon, on the other — to the supernatural. Disposition complicates unpleasant fact: so far no one has managed to peep, as a circle. We only know that they appear somewhere between three and five in the morning:

"The peasants such sadness
He has never seen.
Began to think so guess
How would a thief soglyadat.
At last currently have realized
To stand on guard,
Keep bread at night
Evil thief waylay "
(The Humpbacked Horse)

Well, a sound idea, born in a family tale of Ivan Durach is popular to this day. Haibolee interesting it tried to bring elektrzh engineer Colin Andrews and his colleague Pat Delgado. Both cast during their basic training and devoted himself puzzle solving. Now they consider themselves to be "a leading expert on the disk" (for information, both tend to the supernatural).

So, last summer they held on Salisbury Plain for almost two months, thoroughly armed with equipment. Researchers have: infrared sensors, night vision devices, television and motion picture camera, working with these devices, cameras that can shoot in low light, the tape recorder, which responds to sound, monitors, and an alarm system. Ho and it did not help. "An evil thief" did not seem to notice the first-class equipment. Only once …

It will alarm four ugra, Andrews ran out of the hotel to the scene, and, of course, too late. In the rays of the rising sun is well visible new circles. With difficulty restraining excitement scrolled film. Ha monitors were seen ghostly flashes and shadows, the tape gave some gurgling sounds. In short, Ivan the Fool was more fortunate.

Soon, researchers have learned that working in a nearby district military observers. They managed to film a orange ball. He was moving slowly across the sky to the east, fell to the ground, then picked up speed and disappeared behind the forest. Morning along the flight path of the object were found a few laps.

However, a few days Andrews and Delgado furnished military. They found that in some areas off mikrofon.Magnitofon ring while spinning, but does not write anything. Breaks down? No, it is necessary to go beyond the ring and functions are restored. And in one of the circles, researchers found zheleoobraznoe white substance. People were holding it in your hands, compared jelly "with apple jelly or aspic. Said that the substance showed interest even Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth. And supposedly he was sent to study in a number of laboratories. How did this end is not yet known. A Andrews minute summed up his efforts: "I'm not saying that we are dealing with an extraterrestrial intervention, but do not deny ztogo."

And THAT HAS VREMEHEM have at hand …

Says well-known researcher of anomalous phenomena from Tomsk H.Hovgorodov:

July 14, 1990 we went by car from the city Tolyatgi. The driver was a Makarov, next to my brother, Boris, in the back seat — I'm with my wife and daughter Tanya Makarova — Hadey. Crossed the dam Volzhskhoy HPP drove leksandrovku, Shafts … And suddenly on the dirt road at the edge of the field shenichnogo Boris cries out: "Look, circles! British circles".
There were a constellation — ranging from one to forty meters.

Across zllipsy m spiral in which areas remain intact ears — zdakie Piglet diameter of 20 centimeters. Then we noticed several triangular propleshen resembling traces of some towers. Circles were drawn about a kilometer up the gentle slope and ended at the foot of a small hill. Over the hill — belts. We looked it too. Hashli

many trees, broken off at a height of two to four meters. From the top it did seem that there is someone riding …

The next day Hovgorodov and his companions returned to the field for more extensive research. Found a number of interesting details.

It turned out the flattened stems grouped by height. Looked strange weeds — weighed down the middle of the stems to the ground, and the vertices are drawn up.

Plants changed the color to maroon and were twisted as if they were trying to squeeze out juice. Ha, just in case the researchers noted this fact for himself (he still is useful to us) in some circles clearly visible imprints of cloven hooves.

The compass needle behave normally in the area. Ogklonenie dowsing rods made from 80 degrees up to three revolutions. This — is an anomaly. In the city, working with the plants of the circles, psychic S. Shaveko identified "comes from them is a definite energy." Damaged plants called "tingling and pressure in the arms." Psychics A.Kremneva headache.

— Similar circles we found in October 1989 at the meadow outside Tomsk at the village Voronin Tillage — continues H. Hovgorodov. — There were devyat.Raspolozheny Cross: Five on one line and four — perpendicular.

Diameter — from three to five meters. Lush green circles stood on a gray background withered autumn grass. Located within a circle of a triangle, the same gray, hack and unspoiled vegetation. It has been found, and many charred grass blades. Hay on fire? No, assured residents they would have noticed.


Someone has to play the fool, believe the skeptics. Hedavno most active of them — specialists kinotryukam — have demonstrated how this can be done. They are armed with six, rope, roller, carefully made their way to rows and hour "dashed" a very reasonable range. Ho, alas, for the scandalous revelations of physical labor was not enough. Skeptics rightly objected that community-it is too much. And hardly typed as ohognikov fooling around. No person in the act did not take them, they do not try, holes in the center of the pole is not found.

Haoborot, came across something that "Joker" is not ETS-lat at all desire. The same Novgorod, for example, found that the stems are bent spikes polegshih sinusoidally with an amplitude of 0.7 cm and a wavelength of an inch …

Ho the most important thing, it gradually became clear that the "circular

phenomenon "has a long history. in England knew about it from the seventeenth century, in Russia — from the nineteenth. At least, round bald patches on polegshego bread mentions known collector of Slavic legends and tales Afanas'ev (1826-1871), referring to the stories of peasants . Similar evidence is and at the last century Russian folklorist Vladimir Zabylin. Hu, and "Sivkov-Burk" can be considered a classic example, it means that someone is "playing the fool" for many centuries? unlikely.

And so the scientists' interest in the phenomenon is growing every year. Last summer was even the first international conference. More and more experts are taking up a clue. Already established and so-called research group to study the effects of circular (Ceres).

Basically, it combines the "serious" scientists, headed by a specialist tornado Terence Meaden. To him belongs the hypothesis, the most popular among the traditional views. In short, the meaning of it is this. Ha south of England — a unique topography. It defines the interaction of masses of cold and warm air. Voeduh turned in a special spiral eddies, which, descending from above, and crush the ears to the ground.

It would seem simple. Ho and many here are skeptical. And not even because that hypothesis does not excite the imagination and leaves no loopholes for the supernatural. There are objective reasons.

First, if the South of England was such a unique Meteorology uschoviyam, the circles would occur only there and in the summer. Ho is now known that the phenomenon manifests itself in many countries. There were reports from the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Japan, and Australia.

Ha fields Swedish farmer from the village of Immelya Gushebru circles began to appear in the early 70's. They are usually arranged in rows. And that strange bread they immediately change color. Spring circles highlighted in yellow on a background of green, in the fall, on the contrary, green. And they never spikelets. not mature. In our country, the circles appear in winter. They were seen in the snow in Moscow. In early spring 1990 under

Kharkov some force drew a circle with a diameter of 10 to 18 meters on the thin ice of the river.

Secondly, the vortex, I think, is something round. And reasonable to assume that he must leave at least a round or circular tracks.

Ho how to obtain triangles, arrows, tridents? .. And it really is inexplicable remarkable accuracy of these vortices. After grain patterns never go beyond the edge of the field. Hevidimy artist feels as if the boundaries allotted sheet. However, in the vortex hypothesis does not end "scientific" attempts to explain the phenomenon. Tested in the following versions: the defeat of plant pathogens, fungi, pesticides, resulting in thinning of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Studies have not confirmed any of them. Yet anapizy were not held in vain.

Engineer Jean-Dzhakus Velasco of the French space agency, considering polegshie ears under a microscope and discovered that they are damaged teppovym impact. And it could give rise to infrared or microwave radiation of high power. The fact in itself interesting and admits recognize different interpretations. Velasco nalrimer, suggests that the fields, and in other places, "imprinted" the results of tests of space weapons.

All done with mirrors — explains the scientist. — Ray of laser or other radiation is directed from the ground by an unmanned aircraft. Special mirrors reflect it. Beam falls on the ears of corn fields and fells.

Velasco is going to check your assumptions experimentally, "firing" of the plant from the radiators. Should wait for the results. Ho to hope that they will bring us closer to a solution, it was — would be naive.

If researchers can put spikes radiation, then we can say only one thing — a tool invisible artist, not about him.

Circles are attributable military, but more complex patterns — is unlikely. Nevertheless, the hypothesis, again, interesting. It's too well with "bread canvas" and "laser brush." It is difficult to think of any other surface on which the figure stood out so clearly and be maintained for so long.

When the puzzle can not explain the "serious" scientists in the arena go ufologists. Note, in this case — with good reason.

"Plate", the stranger, and, God forgive me, Devils

"Wonderful light shines all around,
But not warm, not smoking
Diva was given here Ivan.
"What — he said — for the devil!
Caps with five find the light,
And there is no heat and smoke;
Eco light miracle! "
Tells him skate;
"That's really what is wonder!
Tui is a feather of the Firebird … '
(The Humpbacked Horse)

I do not see a UFO Ivan the Fool? Who knows, after the appearance of crop circles are almost always accompanied by a "wonderful light." Hyne — is an accepted fact. Ho will not refer only to the tale. There are also more specific evidence gathered famous ufologist Jacques Vallee

… 19 February 1960 Australian George paddle heard "whoosh and saw the object rise from the swamp steel color. Spinning and shimmering, it depends on the height, about 20 meters, and then flew off at high speed. Paddle his way to the place from which the object in his view, was to be launched, and found three laps fallen cane. At one plant were placed in a clockwise direction, in others — against …

June 28, 1966 Witnesses reported a red glowing ball that fell in the evening in the French city of Monsoreau. The next day a local farmer discovered Alain Ruye Pone fallen on his ears and a yellow oily liquid …

… November 12, 1968 Civil Aviation pilot gave the Argentine military information about the strange figure on earth seen them from the air.

They visited the site and found a huge round spot dehydrated soil.
Vnugri it grew eight toadstools unprecedented dimensions. Local residents claimed that recently landed "flying saucer" …

Last year at a meeting in Kharkiv on anomalous phenomena S.Boltenok described an incident in which he was engaged grupla. From 9 to 12 May 1990 on the fields of the farm "Proletarian" Dnipropetrovsk region
every night hanging UFO. People saw them flying, landing, recorded that at the same time in the network voltage drops. And every time the next morning on the fields was a circle. Hekotorye was indistinguishable from the British — one large and symmetrically about it — four small.

Shcherbin sent photos to the editors of the circle, which he found in the Sumy region. He is sure that this should be left UFO. On the eve reader here saw a bright ball.

And more. Immediately, I did not say, and now I note that Hovgorodov traveling to the area from which reporting the UFO. A community found there by accident. And in this regard, it is time to recall another discovery Hovgorodova — the tracks … hooves.

"That was one hell ride
And grain tail churn … '
(The Humpbacked Horse)

Catch the link? Laughter, laughter, but subject to demonic us pushing the same Jacques Vallee.

…January night in 1958, he said, the woman was driving on the freeway near Hiagarskogo waterfall. Suddenly, on the road from snow blizzard came structure resembling airframe. Top protruded long vertical rod, which was shortened in his eyes.

Motor is dead, and the frightened woman hit another test. To the rod through the air close two figures. They had four legs and a tail, and under the head — two tentacles. Figures quickly disappeared, the object rose .. The woman finally saw that the LRA "flying saucer." Before you depart, it hung and spun at about three meters away. Engine came to life, a woman drove up to the site and saw the snow thawed round tracks.

In fact, it may bt not casual in the people so tenacious beliefs about hell? Crop circles anciently called "spitting devil" and wrote off their appearance on the evil forces. Known, for example, the ancient Phoenician amulets, depicting objects very reminiscent of "flying saucers" and next — so-called scorpion people. This is a two-legged monsters "on the go hoof" and the tail.

But what evidence leads to the very Hovgorodov eyewitness, Tomsk engineer Meliorator Constantine Kanaki:

…This event took place in August 1966 in the village Chadak in the mountains, a hundred kilometers from Kokand. Cold nights, sometimes I could not sleep.

Lay — watched the stars. And now I see: like spugnik flies. Then this luminous point was quickly dropped. A 10-15 minutes I heard from the Pioneer camp stampede. The camp was located about half a kilometer away. Was daylight, and I clearly saw someone running towards me. The figure was higher, at least two meters. Ho was moving in a strange way — sideways and jumps. It scared me at once. After all, "it" was close to me. As to the "stranger" had six meters, I looked at his feet. Feet, as such, was not. Only slight thickening at the ends. In short, not a foot and hoof. More to say: behind the motion, I saw some part, very similar to the hose. Ho sure it was not the tail. "Hose" elastic amortized on the move and the heads of "the stranger" was no more than my own. Face — pointed, strongly narrowed to the chin. Eyes — large glowing balls of white without pupils, close and deep set.

"He" stood by me, and then ran up to the ridge and easily jumped over it, even without changing the speed …

There is a very sensible suggestion that, after all, we are dealing with a kind of poltergeist. What we someone would slip intellectual puzzles, wanting to look at our response. Ho from ztogo, alas, not easier — because then you have to explain what a poltergeist and what it is called. There is talk about parallel worlds, the intervention of yet unknown forms of life on Earth. Suggest that the community is actually a cryptogram drawn rays from space and from the need to try to decipher. And for this, the same requires the close proximity of the mysterious Stonehenge stone rings … In short, involves all "abnormal arsenal."

With all of the researchers already head is spinning. They finally figured out that apart for the decision zagadhi and is not worth taking.

Renowned astrophysicist Archie Roy Glasgow recently regretfully admitted that for five years without seeing another fruitful idea of circles. And I decided to set up a research center to start to collect all the facts relating to the phenomenon.

We'll see what happens. And remember that Ivan the Fool lucky after he caught nMCs-Burk.

"CIRCLE ON FIELD" near Paulding, Ohio

Our phone rang at 9 am on Saturday, July 6, 1996. Imagine my surprise when he called man, the owner of a farm near Paulding, Ohio, told me that he found on one of his fields of wheat huge "circle", and asked if I would like to see it. His wife, one time, went to school together with our daughter, and I knew that I was interested in the UFO phenomenon … Besides, I was pretty close.

Crop Circles (part 3)

Being poorly versed in the field of "crop circles", I knew that this call was to be obtained by someone more qualified for the study and evaluation of such cases. However, in this case, I was interested in what the "circle" was found on an isolated area and had a diameter of more than 25 meters with wheat, pressed to the ground and twisted counterclockwise.

Two hours later, traveling about 85 miles [137 km], I was in a place called Jackson, a little to the south-east of Paulding. Dan Rent Properties on Front meet-

til me at the door welcoming smile. I followed him to the East. After going a little over a mile [mile = 1.609 km] we came out on the access road leading south to the end of a long field ripe wheat ready for harvest. Dan, Don and Dave Rent Properties on Front, which have several thousand acres of land under grain, suddenly surprised me with a genuine interest in that entity on the field. I do not notice any signs of the hand.

First "circle" saw Sandy and Mike Dobbelaery from a nearby farm, while flying in his small plane, together with his brother and his daughter Sandy. The next day, they again flew over the field to make the first pictures of the seen the formation. Checking on the area map, they identified ownership of land and reported what he saw to its owners, the family Rent Properties on Front. July 6, Mike drove me over to the plane, so you can take photos from the air. Followed by the local sheriff David Harrow hedged "circle" safety belt to protect from damage. Dan helped me to make a measurement with a 50-foot steel ruler. The diameter of the "circle" was found to be about 93 feet [28 m]. Twisted counterclockwise stalks were pinned to the ground and bent at different heights from the ground, but, in general, close to its level. Some stalks were bent, others — broken. Education was at an almost equal distance, 175 feet [53 m] from each of the two parallel drainage channels passing from north to south across the field, and the southern edge of the "circle" — in 72 feet [22 m] from the edge of the field. I was on the field three times. July 6, re-examined him and took photos, I was convinced that it is necessary as soon as possible, call a professional in this field. I managed to interest to this case, Dr. James Beverleyna from the Department of Horticulture at Ohio University. He

specializes in the economics of grain crops. July 10 we had our first general inspection of the "circle." We conducted a visual inspection of the site, the collection of samples of plants inside and outside of the "circle" to test seeds for germination.

Beverleyn also collected some samples for Dr. William Levengood, a leading scientist from the research team BLT, former biophysicist, now retired. He lives in Grass Lake, pcs. Michigan, and since 1989 has been studying samples of plants and the land of more than 200 "field circles" around the world. A thorough analysis, Dr. Levengood found significant unexplained differences between samples taken inside and outside the study of education. My impression of July 6 was a reverence for this first seen me huge "circle." Wheat was standing wall

gracefully curved in a circle, except parts of weeds and clover, different effects podvrgnuvshihsya unknown force that pressed wheat to the ground, leaving her in a reclining position. I first looked at the visible "circle" and found no trace of depression or other place of rotation. The land was very dry and very chapped due to the lack or absence of rain for weeks, and I was surprised to learn that the wheat can thrive in such conditions, grain was a golden color, as this week is ripe. July 10 Beverleyn pointed out some details that I did not recognize. Wheat was planted in rows spaced at a greater distance from each other, allowing me to walk freely on the field between the rows without leaving a visible "tail." Rent Properties on Front Dan told me that, for the first time, examined the grain around this education,

did not find it any damage. The northern wall of the circle about the size of six feet [2 m] was direct and outwardly curved. This is seen in some photographs from the air. All stems had a break at the surface. In the center were four crumpled wad of wheat, which is not consistent with the rest of the "circle." They were pinned to the ground, showing that the formation was formed, from the perimeter to the center. Later Beverleyn mentioned that "did not find signs of threatening

plant radiation, which showed the fact a large number of bushes of the growing clover and weeds. All the plants were completely healthy after the event. "Fotodokazatelstva these and other features led me to wonder whether this formation could be done by people.

July 19 for the third time I visited this place. There I met with a colleague Levengood Nancy Talbott of Cambridge,. Massachusetts. He received and began testing samples sent to us. Dr. Levengood has already done some preliminary conclusions. His opinion: "The data show a significant statistical difference between the length of nodes [node — part of the axis of the shoot, which formed leaves, buds and adventitious roots sometimes] plant samples (about 20% longer) compared to controls (taken outside the" circle " .) While in other places were marked by a much larger excess of the normal length of nodes of Paulding samples were analyzed on several indicators.

They are the first to test for germination and some other tests. The final report will appear when the end all laboratory tests. We believe that "circle on the field" near Paulding is not a creation of man. "At the time of writing the report was not yet available. Information is available in the research team at BLT: the BLT Research Team, Box 127, Cambridge, MA 02140. July 29 Beverleyn wrote me that "testing of seed germination began, which took 400 seeds collected inside and outside the" circle. " Testing is carried out at the Research Center at Ohio Association of improved seeds in Dublin, pieces. Ohio, with standard procedures used by the United States. The four identical

O sets of 100 seeds each used both types of seeds. Evaluation of the results is in accordance with the procedure analysis of variance. Conducted analysis of the results shows no difference in the percentage of germination and mortality of seeds of two types of test. The percentage of seeds with abnormal development also is the same in both cases. "Another side event that deserves mention is related to the involvement of the mass media. All started with a phone call to the newsroom of Channel 21 WPTA-TV in Fort Wayne, pieces. Indiana. Reporters came in the afternoon on July 6, to interview and, once

transmission on channel ABC, calls journalists from across the country avalanche fell on Paulding and all of us involved in these events. Rent Properties on Front and Dobbelaerov family were overwhelmed with requests for interviews. First, I told the press that he does not consider this a "circle on the" hoax. This increased level of mystery and I realized that it is better to say "I do not know." It was too late to stop the press and thousands of people were visiting the wheat field Rent Properties on Front. Then I decided to say that this is probably a hoax. I did so in an interview on July 10, based on the comments Beveleyna. Rent Properties on Front spent the days of beautiful weather for the harvest, which they could not get through because of the hundreds of cars, get in harvesting technology. Instead, they

tried to somehow control the surging crowds of visitors. I thought I'd help get to Rent Properties on Front wheat, knocking level of mystery. It did not work. People kept coming to admire the "perfect hoax." Rent Properties on Front upset that I completely changed my mind. Rent Properties on Front knew that they did not create a "circle on the field" and would like to think that helps science, making it available to researchers, instead of being engaged in the harvest and not waste time on the public. In addition, they made a couple of dozen shirts for family members. People want to see and buy. The family decided to have a few more and list all the proceeds to a local children's fund Shrine. Newspaper article reported that only "part" of revenue went this way, suggesting that not receive Rent Properties on Front of personal gain. Article them very upset. After learning more about the Levengood, I decided it is better to wait for the final report. I do not know what led to the emergence of the "circle." It connects to thousands of other cases, and the messages that we are engaged in the study of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena, forced to recognize how far can not be completely understood. This field of study is likely related to the UFO phenomenon, is in need of qualified scientists who are willing and able to promote the dissemination of existing and development of new research methods to improve the ability of studying and test the current findings in this area.

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