Crusade against the Slavs

"We can not be saved. We will win! "- Said the fighting Serbian governor, when he realized that all his army was destined to die in this battle …

Cry of the Slavic warrior companions folded his head in battle for the glory of the motherland, still rattles alarm bell in the hearts istyh Slavs.

This call causes the Slavic tribe never for a moment forget about the threat of his death as a result of the onslaught of foreign players a new world order. If Slavs allow confusion of his spirit in the unrestrained pursuit of big money and satiety complacent life, their death is imminent. Today Slavs suffered very heavy losses, having lost many of his fellow servant had sold the Golden Calf. In the vast territories of native Slavic lands already established foreign orders the expulsion of the Slavs from these lands bequeathed to them by their ancestors.

Unfortunately, the conciliar spirit of Western and Southern Slavic brethren securely in a state of lethargy, leaving day-to-day, causing enormous damage to Slavic lifestyle. Slavic warriors eager to fight. But, to strike the enemy, you must first identify and understand his methods and areas of the dispersal of his forces attack, realize all his strength and diabolical cunning, resourcefulness and cunning. And this — the prerogative of the spiritual leaders of the Slavic tribes. They only her high spirit and visionary abilities can point to the enemy.

But today there are no spiritual giants of the Slavs: one resting in the Lord, others — in pieces, and others — sold adversary, and some — is a monster, not even aware of it because of the unjust way of life and thinking. Sages that can prevent a national tragedy Slavs antislavyanskimi isolated by their peoples. To these people, the bearers of the Slavic spirit, life artfully applied effect Cassandra, when the severity of impotence aggravates crippling knowledge. Such humiliation Slavic sages — the tragedy of the Slavic tribes. Any people neglecting their wise judgment, condemns himself to spiritual blindness.

The twentieth century is replete with historical examples of the spiritual blindness of the Slavs, to provoke a general failure of the Slavic idea. Fallen spirit Slavs did not allow them to hear their teachers — keepers of the ancient knowledge of their ancestors. Instead wise congregational policy for all Slavs rulers, secret and open, chose the focus on welfare narrow elite at the expense of a handful of unity and consolidation actions population of Slavic countries. The result — the loss of almost a fait national identity of the Slavs, who captured the blessed consciousness myth of one humanity who turned the national idea in favor of the citizens of the world. In this case, they somehow forget that human values do not include in the united nations and the peoples of mankind. And Slavs as such in this conglomerate cosmopolitans also not provided.

Slavs, and, above all, its young generation, more and more soluble in many other similarly blinded people. And this process, unfortunately, is accelerating every day.

What could be the consequences of this process? Absorption cosmopolitan mass of the Slavs, whose consciousness is split ideological apparatus antislavyanskih forces western expansion, and the physical destruction of those who are trying at your own risk save Slavs.

It is sad, but neither they nor the other today are not able to hear the voices of their ancestors. History teaches us that the one who does not understand the laws of life, is forced again and again to take the same historical lessons. This lesson was taught Slavs in the early twentieth century. The lesson ended a brutal slaughter of the First World War. Remember these events in order to see the light today, a hundred years after the events.

Russian-German relations of the century were characterized by a significant degree of tension on a whole range of areas. The Balkan region in interstate contradictions played a very significant role. Germany in its geopolitical plans strongly supported and encouraged the expansion of the Balkans, Austria-Hungary, which was the main rival of Russia in the struggle for influence in the area. In the late nineteenth century, Austria-Hungary extended its zone of influence in almost all regions, with the exception of Greece and Montenegro. Habsburg monarchy sought to include in his empire neighboring South Slavic countries — Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, capture port Thessaloniki on the Aegean coast and approve, so their total domination of the Balkans. Russia is giving full support and patronage of the people of the Balkan countries, which were centuries of the national liberation struggle for freedom from foreign rule.

Hegemonic aspirations of Austria-Hungary reflected in the great power of ideology, who wore mostly antislavyanskuyu orientation. So, to promote a "Serbian threat" was intended to cover up the aggressive goals for Serbia itself. In Hungary, for example, the widespread use of the ruling classes and the backward section of the population received ideas panvengerizma. Panvengeristy preached the inevitability of the establishment of Hungarian rule in Serbia, Dalmatia, Bulgaria and Romania.

In October 1908, Austria-Hungary annexed the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, populated mainly by Serbs, in order to prevent their national liberation. Seizure of Bosnia and Herzegovina has caused a storm of indignation in Serbia and Montenegro, and also led to the rise of national consciousness South Slavic peoples, as expressed in a bid to unite in a single state. By this time, is the intensification of the struggle for the creation of an independent Albanian state, the reunification of Crete and the liberation from Turkish occupation of northern Greece and Macedonia.

European tangle of contradictions skontsenirirovavshiysya in Southern Europe, has naturally led to a number of armed conflicts: the first and second years 1912-1913 1913 Balkan War. These local conflicts more clearly shows through the maturing of a global conflict — the European war. It only remained to find a reason for a fundamental resolution of Europe's problems, as diplomatic methods have stopped working.

So, after the Balkan wars intensified Serbia gave hope to millions of seven South Slavic peoples of Austria-Hungary at the liberation from foreign domination. Germany has decided to use to incite war obvious opposition of Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Using its influence in the Habsburg Austrian Germans persuaded to appoint military maneuvers near the Serbian border.

Ceremonial entry of the Austrian Crown Prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand, known for his hostility to Serbia, Sarajevo (center captured in 1908 Austrians Bosnia) is dated to the day of national mourning vseserbskogo "Vidovdan", which is celebrated annually by the Serbian people. This was seen in Serbia and Slavic lands Austrian monarchy as a conscious provocation on the part of Austria. Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in Sarajevo, June 28, 1914 shots from a revolver member of the organization "Young Bosnia" Gavrila Principle.

In order to start a war against Serbia, we had to present it to such requirements, which it certainly would not have accepted. Its refusal to meet the claims could be used as a pretext for declaring war. And these requirements have been prepared in the form of an ultimatum. Ultimatum consisted almost entirely of items that affect the dignity of Serbia as a sovereign state and means blatant interference in the internal affairs of Serbia. In the ultimatum were items such as the prohibition of anti-Austrian in Serbia organizations to condemn all propaganda directed against Austria, the dismissal of the army officers on the list submitted by the Austro-Hungarian government, the punishment of border guards helped the transition boundary of the murder of Franz Ferdinand. And finally a requirement for admission of the Austro-Hungarian command in Serbia to participate in the investigation of assassination of the Austrian heir to the throne.

Serbia accepted the terms of the ultimatum and not only agreed to the Austrian police in Serbia participated in the investigation of the case of those involved in the events of Sarajevo, in reference to the fact that it is contrary to the Serbian Constitution. Yet this was enough for a formal pretext severing diplomatic relations with Serbia. A July 28, 1914 Austria declared war on Serbia.

But it was not the final antislavyanskogo onslaught, which blinded the charms of the Slavs of Western civilization as a whole could not resist. Then began an even more savage against them stage ended at the end of the century actually conquering the western and southern Slavs legionnaires new world order.

After four years of bloodshed on the battlefields of the Serbs, the key of the Slavic peoples in the political chessboard of Europe, waiting betrayed by their own leaders. This is a betrayal, which in 70 years has led to a national suppression of Serbia concerning the principles of the state of the Slavs in the Balkans instead of a Greater Serbia, which would guarantee the stability of the nation-state of Serbs, Yugoslavia was created — an ephemeral state was based on the putrid soil parasitism degenerate Slavs to numerous Serbian ethnicity.

In 1918, Yugoslavia created different forces. Among them were sincere Slavophiles, but the main role played by Masons. They then closed up with Croatian nationalists, who at the end of World War I realized that the Allies may give Italians a part of Dalmatia. Then masons set to active creation of Yugoslavia to the ground did not deviate from Dalmatia Croatia. They convinced the Serbs to give up the idea of a Greater Serbia for stillborn Slavic brotherhood. One of the initiators of these processes has been the so-called Yugoslav Committee of 16 members of which 9 were Masons.

Characteristically, after the creation of Yugoslavia greetings from France immediately sent a Masonic Lodge "Great East". In this greeting created state was seen as a "cordon in the path of the German culture."

These sinister forces now can identify with what is called in the geopolitics of Atlanticism. It is from the depths of these structures are based on the most terrifying black magic plans. Knowing some black magic aspects of Freemasonry, Yugoslavia tried to counter them. So the army of Yugoslavia created a special unit tasked to opposition attempts to use black magic against Yugoslavia. The project is called "Serbian Mirror," in which was based on the principles of the Orthodox. The purpose of this project is not an attack on the enemy, but rather a reflection of its negative energy. Righteousness Slavs used to return a hundredfold all that aggressive energy of destruction, which the enemy sent to them by the energy-channels. The effect of "the Serbian mirror" huge: thanks to this anti-black magic rituals Kabbalists even managed to destroy NATO warplanes.

Naturally, when the non-Serb Yugoslavia for 70 years duped Serbs stripped of vital energy, accompanied by a creeping annexation of their land, the displacement of the Serb government, belittling traditional Serbian culture and religion of the Serbian people, Yugoslavia, as it was conceived in 1918, was ruined in an instant into small pieces. Naturally, it was a lot of blood. Naturally, the Serbs went to a small, isolated from the outside world reserve, which, on top of that, thoroughly bombed, effectively destroying the industry and undermining the country's infrastructure.

Thus, the Slavs, by their spiritual blindness is condemned to disappear from the ethno-political map of Europe, unless, of course, not a history lesson is learned Serbs and other brotherly Slavic nations.

Sergei Borodin

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