The United States expressed concern about the trials in Russia long-range cruise missile, a land-based contract that violates the INF (intermediate-range and lower) from 1987, writes news.yahu.com January 30.

Newspaper The New York Times said on Thursday that Moscow began KR tests in 2008, in May of this year, the U.S. Department of Municipal posed this question to Russia. It is reported that the United States is «very seriously studying this issue.»

NATO official dealer said that if indeed Our homeland is developing the latest CR-range, it could pose a danger, «a key component of the Euro-Atlantic security.» He also said that the NATO allies at any time of can discuss issues relating to their safety.

«VP». The article caused extensive discussion Yahoo! users. Is a wealth of relevant answers, which sharply criticized the administration of foreign policy of U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) and Secretary of State John Kerry (John Kerry). The main responses are further disposition.

— Clowns Obama and Kerry have reduced the U.S. to such a level that no one is afraid of America, laugh at us Tera type Bashar Assad.

— Let Obama take a pencil and draw a reddish another «red line» (referring to its uselessness).

— Why Our homeland will fear our president — the Nobel Peace Prize?

— Putin fears only the 1st, that Obama can send a team to the Olympics entirely of gay athletes.

— And how international treaties violated the U.S., namely, abandoning the ABM contract compliance?
— Why Our homeland must adhere to the INF criterion contract signed by Russian Union and which no longer exists?

— Do not we have cruise missiles, which we tyschami used in local conflicts?

— Certainly, Putin came to the clinic with naisilneyshy pain in the tummy, laughing uncontrollably warning Obama.

— The time when sway U.S., France and England, it is time to China, Russia and India to show its strength.

— It will be interesting to look at this cruise missile, because our homeland still showing his new gun at the parade on Red Square.

— Obama can only sneer over South American middle class.

— It’s only words. Obama would invite Putin to drink beer in the Rose Garden.

— Iran has publicly stated that America has fallen to her knees.

— Obama has transformed the once omnipotent United States to the country level, over which all laugh. Unfortunately, Putin knows that no matter what the threat from Obama is an empty phrase.

— Maybe we won the war cool, but at the moment because of its own fiscal policy sheepish lose all the fruits of this victory.

— Yahoo! outstanding journalists. Write about the cruise missile, but publish photos ICBM «Topol».

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