Cure or prayer?


In order not to rely solely on the statement of the experiment, doctors have used special equipment. It was found that two people had improved the quality of hearing, and three people — sight. Researchers cite examples of the impact of prayers. For example, one elderly woman with Mozambique, which could not see the hand of a man at a distance of one foot, vision improved significantly after eye she put a hand on the man who prayed for her. Similar results were observed in experiments in Brazil.

Research scientists from Indiana caused a wide resonance.

Many people, including experts from the National Secular Society in the UK, reacted to the work of Professor Candy Brown and her colleagues rather skeptical. As the president of the society Terry Sandersan, "It's very suspicious study, which is based on ambiguous results obtained where it is impossible to cross-check. There is absolutely

To describe the impact of religious practice throughout the volume, not the language or the scientific understanding.

obvious religious motivation, which undermines its impartiality. "

Sandersan also recalled that so far there have been many valid studies, which were designed to study the healing power of prayer. And they showed that prayer is ineffective, and in one case even counterproductive.

Japanese researchers prayers are able to turn an ordinary water healing

The answer to the impact of trance, verbal constructions on the mind tried to give many Western luminary psychologists such as Grof, oils, Rogers and others. Many, however, eventually came to the conclusion that in order to describe the impact of religious practice throughout the volume, not the language or the scientific understanding.

Meanwhile, a group of Japanese scientists led by well-known researcher of water structure and verbal influence it Masaru Emoto has found his evidence to the power of prayer. As follows from the experiments conducted by them, prayer — even just the word "love," "hope," "soul" and the like, uttered no matter in what language, essentially purified water.

Like its predecessor, the European, 19th century Swiss fizielyagu E. Du Bois-Reymond, who called life "animated water", the Japanese also honored H2O for something more than just a physical substance. This concept is related to them with the idea to life. Especially when you consider that the human body is two-thirds is just out of the water.

Japanese experiment looked easy. On one bank with plain water from the tap, they wrote, "love", and the second, with the same water — "hate." Over one vessel read prayers. Above the latter states aggressive, ugly word. After some time, both banks have put in the freezer. In the first crystals formed beautiful harmonious. The second — irregularly shaped crystals. Thus, the water in both banks had a different structure. The chemical composition of the one with the beautiful crystals, reminiscent of the water from the so-called holy sources. The waters on the other banks, "charged" bad language, soon zatsvila.

Extrapolating from these experiments on "the water in the man," the researchers concluded: prayer correctly made a positive impact on people. Conversely, swearing, cussing and evil have the energy infection. Notably, not so much the words themselves are important, which can be in any language as intonation, the psyhaematsyynae attitude with which they are spoken.

In its time Nobel Prize-winning French surgeon, biologist and patafizielyag Alyaksis Karelia claimed that "the prayer —

Prayer — the most powerful form of energy that is emitted by man.

the most powerful form of energy that is emitted by man. "According to the scientist, seeking to increase your vitality, limited by time and physical disabilities, people in prayer, turning to the infinite source of all energy in the universe. As demonstrated by EEG abbot of one of the Christian monasteries, made during prayer, in this time was recorded complete shutdown of the cerebral cortex of the priest with a completely clear mind. So far, science were known to the three states of consciousness: chuynavanne, REM sleep and REM sleep. After studies psyhafizielagi declaring the existence of the fourth state — prayer or meditation. It turns out that prayer is as necessary to man as a dream, as gives a feeling of harmony, off anxiety and feelings.

Psyhalingvisty: It all depends on the set, the location of certain sounds, the sounds themselves, letters,

If you examine the nature of words, it turns out that not only prayer, but also any other words contain a positive or negative information. It all depends on the set, the location of certain sounds, the sounds themselves, literally.

Says authoritative in European circles psyhalingvist of the University of Perm in Russia Irina Cherepanov, which collected and analyzed a large number of Slavic pagan conspiracies and Hex, "a person can be influenced by word, without referring to its meaning — through sound, rhythm and form." Professor Cherepanov notes that voodoo healing and life-giving orders that are somewhat similar to the Christian prayer is dominated by the so-called "high", "good", "gukalitary" And, S, O, and incantations, curses a lot of nasty rumors of "bad" consonants, sizzling and svistsyachyh, "gukalitarav" — F, W, u, S. The combination of these sounds has clearly chosen formula, their energy and vibration destroy all living things, including the strands of DNA, genes, chromosomes.

Comparing Christian prayers to the Hindu and Buddhist mantras, Irina Cherepanov believes that "mantra sounds like a combination of a type of so-called hard-coded, as they act firmly and unequivocally, changing a person from the inside. But the prayers belong to encode soft, they gradually abvalokvayuts man" . In this Cherepanov stresses that it "is not going to assess the impact of texts as" good "or" bad ", but only finds out how much they affect a person."


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