Curse of Winchester

The Winchester Mystery House — It's a huge mystery house number 525 on Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, Calif., which is visited by hordes of tourists from all over the world. Why, you ask? Because this huge mansion shrouded in mystery: ghosts, a curse and an endless string of corridors, doors and rooms that still no one could count …

The Winchester Mystery House. View from satellite

While the mistress was alive, was not invited guests here, even President Roosevelt, who tried to invite himself to tea, got the heave-ho. Now, on the former estate of Sarah Winchester, whose maiden name was Sarah Lockwood Pardee, scurrying troops curious. But, by and large, the house is just not available to outsiders, as in the life of the owner. Some places, like some stories remain impenetrable to outsiders. House of Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester, pivoted like a senile arthritis fist. Fist hardly expands.

The girl laughed Purdy would be if she predicted that the thirty-odd years in a row it will hold tea parties every night with ghosts. The life of Sarah Purdy and evolved reasonably well. She was 25 when in 1862 she married William, son, "the very" Oliver Winchester, whose production of multiply charged, is said to have decided the outcome of the Civil War in the United States.

Family rapidly grew rich on military contracts, the couple lived in love and abundance. Small, less than five feet tall, but pretty Mrs. Winchester was the soul of the society in New Haven, Connecticut. But four years after the wedding in the family misfortune — died shortly after the birth of daughter Annie.

Sarah almost mad, and only ten years old, is said to have regained consciousness. Other children the couple Winchester was not. In 1881, William Winchester died of tuberculosis, leaving a widow Sarah with an inheritance of $ 20 million and a daily income of one thousand (she got half the revenue of the company). Mrs. Winchester was inconsolable. Trying to understand what her fate so cruelly punished, she traveled to Boston to a medium.

Medium for a modest bribe communicated with the spirit of William Winchester. The Spirit told me to tell Sarah that a curse on the family of those who died from the high-quality products of the company Winchester. He also said that in order to save his own life Sarah has to move west to the sunset, and in the place that it will indicate to stop and start building. Construction should not be terminated, if the sound of hammers subside, Mrs. Winchester died.

Widow gathered their belongings and headed west. In 1884, she got to San Jose, where, according to its assurances, the spirit of her husband told her to stop. She bought a house and started for his restructuring and expansion. This Sarah Winchester worked 38 years in a row, without resorting to the services of a professional architect.

Now "Winchester House" a three-story. There about 160 rooms, 13 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, 40 staircases. In the rooms doors in 2000, 450 doorways, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces. Architect, who will try to find logic in the device at home, must hit neurosis.

The house was built in a way to confuse the spirits that come in the soul of Mrs. Winchester. Therefore, the doors are opened in the wall there, and abut the ceiling stairs. The corridors are narrow and tortuous, as serpentine loop. Some doors open to the outside upper floors, so inconsiderate guest will fall right into the yard, into the bushes, while others are arranged so that, after passing the bay, a guest must fall into the floor below the kitchen sink or break a window, arranged in the lower deck. Doors many bathrooms are transparent. In the walls of the open secret doors and windows through which you can quietly observe what is happening in the next room.

The skeptic will note that these traps, plain as a bear pit, give metaphysical ignorance elderly widows. Mystical symbols house gives simplicity. All stairs, except one, are made up of 13 stages. In many rooms and 13 windows. Luxury stained glass Tiffany composed of 13 segments. The abundance of fireplaces in the house due to the fact that, according to legend, the spirits could enter the house through the chimney pipe.

Other guests there were not expecting and, apparently, Sarah is quite content with their own ideas about the afterlife. Everything in the house was tailored by the standards of the hostess. Steps are low, that on them could easily climb a sick old woman. To lean on a railing, it should bend down — Sarah was undersized.

The corridors are very narrow and spans — Sarah was a blessing. It is not known whether he knew of the existence of this house Jorge Luis Borges, and Mrs. Winchester it works really could not read. But the house, whose projects hostess charted on a napkin at breakfast, seems to embody a fantasy writer. There could live Minotaur. Sarah Winchester was convinced that spirits live here. Every midnight gong sounded, and the hostess would be alone in a special room for a seance. The servants heard during these hours sound of the organ in which the arthritis patient could not play hostess.

By 1906, the house has grown to six floors. But there was an earthquake, and three upper floors collapsed. The hostess, fearing persecution evil forces, slept every night in a new place, and after the earthquake servants who did not know where she was at this time, do not immediately find her under the rubble. Sarah had interpreted this as an invasion of perfume in front of the house. 30 greige rooms were locked and boarded up, the construction continued. Unsuccessful fragments were destroyed in their place were built new.

Sarah Winchester died in September 1922 at the age of 85 years. Construction overspend its coffers: the safe did not have money. There's just lay strands of hair, men's and infant, and evidence of the death of her husband and daughter, as well as the will of the 13 items, signed by 13 times. The fate of the house is silent testament.

This story is too grotesque, too melodramatic. Its hard to take seriously. However, it is absolutely true and, as such, is chaste. Sarah Winchester may seem irresponsible Bogachkov whimsical, multi-million dollar inheritance foolishly squandered, and her house — an expensive bulky preposterous. Its space seems knackered, tired kids there and cry. "Winchester House" simply ugly. But just as it is a rare malformation, and still the nausea, which corresponds to a critical consciousness, it is thought, the thirteenth, spiral stairs, pointing to the affiliation of the house to the arts.


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