Cyclone, frost Arkhangelsk region, is in the Komi

According to experts meteorologist Arkhangelsk Central Hydrometeorological Service of tonight via the White Sea and the Gulf of Dvinsk was active Atlantic cyclone. Now cyclone quickly goes into the territory of the Republic of Komi. This IA REGNUM According to the press service of the North UGMS.

At night in the Arkhangelsk region gusts northwest wind reaches 20-22 meters per second. During the day, the capital of Pomerania and northern parts of the region will still be in the rear of the cyclone, so the wind will remain very strong with gusts up to 15-20 meters per second. Time expected precipitation in the form of wet snow. By evening, the wind died down to 12-14 meters per second, and the temperature will drop to -1 degrees.

On November 4, the Arkhangelsk region is expected cooling. Bring his cold anticyclone from the Arctic. Specialists forecast meteorologist Archangel CGMS-R thermometer in the first week of November will go down during the day and at night in the area to -3-8 degrees. Precipitation November 10, is expected.

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