Delay menstruation and first pregnancy ultrasound — articles that are worth exploring every woman

Today, users can find hundreds of publications on a variety of topics. Is there articles designed for avid anglers, there are publications that are designed for real fashionistas have whole pieces of music for gamers who help to pass this or that game ….

And there are articles that are intended for a wider range of "network users" — for women. On two of these publications, we now discuss in more detail. However, before this, we note that both of these articles has read their consumers school development.

The first such article, in which we would like to draw your attention to is called "Delayed menstruation." The author begins the publication with the assertion that a woman's body is a unique cyclic system, all processes which are subject to external and internal rhythms. Further, the author tells us that the hormonal function of a woman's body is fully synchronized with the lunar month (the lunar month is 28 days).

But, however that may be, but sometimes, for various reasons, this established mechanism fails and then there is a delay menstruation — troubles that sooner or later every woman faces.

Then a publication tells about hormones. Thus, in accordance with the materials articles, menstrual cycle is traditionally divided into three parts. The first part — this is the secretory phase, which is characterized by thickening of the endometrium and increase estrogen levels. Further ovulation during which a tube egg from the ovary to the uterus moves (it was at a stage of such a path, it can be fertilized, causing pregnancy).

If not, the level of estrogen drops, reduced blood vessels in the endometrium, and it begins torn away, that is, menstruation occurs. Usually phase, which begins after ovulation, characterized by growth hormone progestin. These hormones are called upon to "save" the pregnancy, but they do cause all known PMS (mood swings, swelling, and so on). Then the author gives an interesting fact. Thus, it is interesting that the same symptoms of PMS and is characterized by delayed menstruation, which is caused by pregnancy.

Also, in this article you can read about their age, which is typical for the beginning and the end of menstruation, as well as the main causes that can cause a delay in this process. The second article, we can advise is to read any woman, regardless of whether it be in the family way or not — is the publication "Monitoring unborn child: the first ultrasound during pregnancy."

If you are expecting a baby, then this article will undoubtedly be very useful for you. But also as a preventive measure, to read about what should be the first ultrasound during pregnancy every girl and woman is also not hurt.

The author begins the publication of statements that make the first ultrasound is appropriate only when a few tests showed positive results, and you visited a gynecologist and he assured you in your interesting position. In addition it can be done no earlier than 5-second week (usually a little later — at 10-14 weeks), or to consider the fruit you just can not be …

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