English royal United Services Institute (Royal United Services Institute — RUSI) is a notable research center in the field of defense and has a history of almost 200 years duration, reports April 7. Earlier this month, the institute has prepared a fascinating study on the current situation in Ukraine, where, namely, according to an analysis of of Ukrainian import of military goods.

Despite the fact that only 4.4% of Russian military imports comes from Ukraine, some products are actually crucial for the Russian military arsenal. 30% of imported Ukrainian products accounted for the main components for use on ICBM SS-18 (RS-20 «Governor» — approx. «VP»), which is designed and made in the Ukrainian company «Pivdenmash» in Dnepropetrovsk. Martial status of these ICBMs frequently checked and maintained spices company. Two types of ICBMs — SS-25 (RT-2PM «Topol») and SS-19 (UR-100NUTTKh) designed and made by Russian companies, but their guidance systems are designed and manufactured in Kharkov. IDB these 3 types account for 51% of all Russian strategic nuclear potential. In addition, about 20% of natural uranium used in the Russian civilian and military nuclear industry comes from businesses in the yellowish waters (Ukraine).

More time with the Russian military and civilian ships installed gas turbines and gearboxes produced in Nikolaev. Although the Russian industry has mastered the creation of huge gas turbine engines, it still can not produce gearboxes for them. Our homeland as before needs 60% of Ukrainian production of gearboxes for installation on surface warships.

Russian Air Force is also to a great extent depend on Ukrainian products industry. Ukrainian companies create SD combat air medium-range R-27 (AA-10 Alamo) and homing for SD melee R-73 (AA-11 Archer). These missiles comprise base fighting arsenal Russian fighters. In addition, for the Su-27, Su-30 and Su-35 are produced in Ukraine brake parachutes and hydraulic systems, the creation of new bombers Su-34 also depends on the Ukrainian devices. Located in Kiev factory «Motor Sich» manufactures jet engines for different types of Russian transport aircraft, including the An-124 «Ruslan», for Russian combat and transport helicopters.

Our homeland has made tremendous efforts to reduce dependence on «Motor Sich», but not a hundred percent capable fill that niche. In the coming two to three years, according to an ambitious rearmament program there needed to deliver, very little, 3000 helicopter engines for the Russian armed forces. Our homeland is also dependent on the enterprise in the implementation of its own export contracts. In the years 2013-2016 Our homeland has signed contracts to export more than 260 helicopters, they are all equipped Ukrainian engines and auxiliary equipment. March 28 Ukrainian municipal company «Ukroboronprom» announced a freeze on deliveries of military mission in Russia. If not immediately, affect the suspension of deliveries of Russian military products export in the medium term.

One can argue that since most of the Ukrainian military factories, which it is, located in the southern and eastern part of Ukraine, in the Russian Federation there is a temptation to maintain a split of the country on the Dnieper with the creation of «Russian corridor» Transnistria. These acts can be considered as «methods of the XIX century in the XXI century». In today’s criteria, this scenario can not be excluded.

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