Desertification in China have put about half of the country

According to the latest results of the monitoring of soil in China, found that almost half of the land in the country was subjected to desertification and opeschanivaniyu, in some areas, the situation in recent years has deteriorated.
Deputy Head of the State Forestry Administration Zhu Leke January 4 reported that they spent a quarter-scale research and obtained data on the extent of desertification and land opeschanivaniya from the beginning of 2005 to the end of 2009.

According to the results of monitoring, desertification underwent 2,623,700 square meters. miles of land, and opeschanivaniyu 1,731,100 square meters. km of land, which is 27.33% and 18.03% of the country respectively.

The official also noted that the various measures that have been taken in recent years, did not improve the situation and stop the trend of land degradation. In some regions, such as Sichuan and Xinjiang lower reaches of the Tarim River, desertification continues to push the boundaries. Total national desertification significantly expands the territory of 310 thousand square meters. km.

China is the country with the highest level of soil degradation in the world.

Zhu also said that the reason for this situation is the human activity and climate change, which lead to an increase in the number and area of drought, which greatly influences the state of land cover.

In addition, the head of the Convention to Combat Desertification land Liu It said that 530 thousand square meters. kilometers of land could be saved by planting trees, but on the basis of actual capacity, it would take more than 300 years.

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