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Early development of the now fashionable. It does not make sense to discuss — good or bad — will accept this as a given. And around every popular idea here is there are numerous commercial projects. And if ten years ago, early development was the lot of only a few enthusiasts in the home, but now this very development of your offspring are ready to tackle the numerous venues with enticing names like "Umka", "Znayka", "genius baby", "Children's Academy" and etc. Who does not want his child to be a genius?

But that promise and the reality of what you can expect from the developmental center for one year old toddler? How to choose a suitable group that then it was painfully sorry for the money spent, and most importantly — the physical and psychological health of the budding genius?

Why do we need to "develop the group?"

To be honest, the child will be able to develop and fine without any special centers. And it is not only in the fact that in our childhood was not of such institutions — and not much decent people up. And not even the fact that the baby at this age, yet the need for communication and socialization (which is promised in the center).

The main reason is that for a kid under the age of three years, the most important teacher and the most important person is my mother. More than anything, he needed her attention, her love. And if in the classroom at the center of it will have an hour to devote only to him, to sing a song with him and making snowmen out of clay, he was happy to be going there — this time dedicated only to him, not the Internet, and cook dinner.

And here we find out that the development centers actually needs more moms, not kids. It is closely moms in four walls of the home. And this mother yearn for society, but they have yet to work "early" and the institute — is "too late." And the child must be something to do, and the imagination dried up, and new games are only theory in popular parenting magazines. And development centers in this situation — not a bad idea. The child is useful to change the situation, to see new people, new toys, run around and frolic, and my mother — to communicate with "colleagues", work with the kid with something new and interesting, and then continue these activities at home.

So, if this is your case, let's find out what awaits us in the centers of early development.

What are we going to do?

Standard gentlemanly set of such centers usually involves finger and musical voice games, speech therapy workout, mobile and round-dance game. In order to have something to show to relatives, provided application classes — modeling, applique, drawing. Some time is devoted to music education — the development of a sense of rhythm, voice, elements of dance. At the end or in the middle class is a puppet show — the type of "theater on the table."

A special theme — lessons on the system of Maria Montessori. They suggest the presence of special equipment for the development of fine and gross motor skills, sensory perception, which in this age is particularly intense.

If you promise that as a result of training your child, unable to break away from the mother's breast, learn to read and write, play music better than Mozart, and generally "stand out from their peers" — run faster. At best, you brazenly deceived and will deal with the more traditional kids this age things. In the worst — in fact will try to fill in all the activity exclusively intellectual activity, almost seating karapuzov their desks.

Keep in mind that children who can not speak, can not be taught to read. There are cases where language development was delayed because of this even more — on the one hand, because the brain was busy with another case (learn to read), and the other — because in the speech there was no pressing need — kids started "speak" with the using cubes with letters.

Absolutely all sessions should be held in the form of a game! Moreover, this game should be mobile and active. In early childhood, all the information is seen only and not otherwise. And another important point — the mother does not have to be present only in class, but also to take active part in it. It must, on the one hand, in order that the baby was safe, but on the other — that my mother could understand, in practice, what to do with your child at home.

Focus on areas

Let's say you went on the description of a couple of options of certain development centers. How to proceed?

  • Rate the road. The best option — to be able to walk from home to the center on foot. In an extreme case — transport, but no more than 20 minutes. In other classes will lose all meaning for the child: during the road he gets tired so that it is unable to perceive anything.
  • The first time, go to the center without children. You will need to figure out the route in detail, so as not to rush and then through the streets with a baby in her arms. Often development centers are located in the basements of apartment buildings or in kindergarten, so they did not immediately possible to notice.
  • Have a chat with a future teacher, the parents of other kids, are already involved in the center.
  • Talk to the administrator all financial matters: Is there a trial lesson, the entrance fee, the system of discounts.
  • Rate the cleanliness of the room, do not hesitate to look into the toilets — they definitely come in handy for your child.

How to behave in the classroom

So, the choice is made, and you're going to the first lesson. What you need to remember?

Most importantly — do not compare the success of its treasures to the success of the other children. After all, we have found that center early development you need a lot more than the kid, and you're going there with him not to "stand out from their peers." Moreover, a child has the right at first to do nothing in the classroom. Do not bother and do not rush it, and better themselves with enthusiasm to play the game and move the finger dance. Please be assured that sooner or later the kid wants to join you.

Your goal — a process, not the result!

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