Development of the child in the womb

Development of the child in the womb

1st day. The sperm joins with an egg. The result is a "large" (smaller than pellet salt) cell, which contains 46 chromosomes inherited from the parents (23 chromosomes of each). The fertilized egg has all the genetic information about the future of the man: his field, color of eyes, skin and hair, facial features.

3-9th days. The fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus. The embryo attaches to the wall, and it soon begins to get the necessary materials for the food and oxygen for breathing with maternal blood, which comes to him through the umbilical cord and branching chorion (future placenta).

10-14 minutes days. The fetus is increased by one-tenth in comparison with its previous size.

20th day. Begins the process of laying the nervous system.

21 minutes day. Heart begins to beat.

28th day. Formed the spine and muscles. On ultrasound visible hands, feet, eyes, ears.

30th day. Over the past month, the embryo has grown to 10,000 times and it continues to evolve. The heart pumps blood through the system increasing amounts of blood.

35th day. On the handle of the baby can distinguish fingers. The eyes darken as the baby has already started to produce pigment.

40th day. With the help of a special device can detect and record signals from the brain.

6 weeks. The liver begins to produce blood cells and the brain controls the movement of the muscles and the heart.

7 weeks. Eyelids are beginning to cover the child's eyes to protect them from light and dry (with28th week baby will be able on their own to open and close your eyes.) At the same stage of pregnancy the baby is formed by the inner ear, outer ear develops, formed jaw, tooth buds appear. But the most important thing — the kid starts to move. However, the mother does not feel it because the child is too young.

8 weeks. The kid grew up to 2.5 centimeters. He already looks like a grown man. The heart beats, stomach secretes gastric juice, functioning kidneys. Muscles contract under the influence of impulses coming from the brain. According to the baby's blood can be determined by Rhesus affiliation. Formed fingers and joints. A person acquires certain characteristics of the baby develops facial expressions. The child's body responds to the touch.

10 weeks. Growth of the child reaches 4 inches, weight — about 2 grams. During this period, the baby start to form external and internal genital organs.

12 weeks. The kid is growing. From time to time he sucks her finger. During waking the child vigorously trains muscles: turns his head, bends fingers and toes, opens and closes the mouth. The kid already hear and see if its starting to bother sharp sounds from the outside world, he tries to close his ears and tries to block out the palm of a beam of light directed into the eye. If you touch his palm, it will shrink in the cam. All these movements are carried out due to the fact that the baby has formed the vestibular system, which helps it to orient themselves in space.

16 weeks. The baby weighs about 150 grams, its growth reaches 16-18 centimeters. Appear at the head of hair on the face — eyelashes and eyebrows. Babe opens her mouth, swallowing, sucking, smiling. During this period, the placenta begins to fully function, which ties him with his mother.

20 weeks. The growth of the baby reaches 30 centimeters, he appeared nails on the fingers and toes. Now the mother feels his movements, as from time to time, he begins to engage in physical exercise: one starts from the uterine wall and come to the shore to the other. In addition, the child may respond to the sharp sound of the mother or the excitement of the jump, which is perceived as an active stir. If the baby starts to hiccup, the woman feels weak rhythmic thrusts coming from inside. At 20 weeks, the doctors listen to baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope.

24 weeks. Baby can already angry. This picture shows a child at this age. It shows his angry look, muscle tension around the eyes, lips puckered, it is clear that he was crying, expressing their discontent. By the way, to rest at night, the kid goes to bed … and dreams. The baby weighs about 500 grams of it a bit, but he only started to gain weight. His skin is red and wrinkled. Since she is very affectionate, baby protected from the effects of amniotic fluid with special grease. Go to24th week of pregnancy begin to function fat and sweat glands, the baby's lungs mature. They form a film, which does not allow them to stick together during respiration. If a child will be born at this time and will be provided with the necessary care, he will be able to survive.

28 weeks. The baby weighs about 1000 grams, his height is 35 centimeters. He has already developed all the senses — these data are confirmed by the study of biological currents of the brain (EEG) of the unborn child. He begins to recognize the voice of my mother. Kid performs basic first breaths. His skin is denser (thicker) and becomes more like a newborn baby skin. If at this stage of pregnancy labor begins, then they will be called premature, but doctors can help the child to survive.

32 weeks. The baby weighs about 2000 grams, it is formed subcutaneous fat fiber, arms and legs are chubby. There is a bookmark immune system: the baby from the mother starts to get immunoglobulins that protect against disease in the first months of life. The volume of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is one liter. Every three hours they are fully updated, so the kid is always floating in the "pure" water that can safely ingest.

34 weeks. The kid weighs 1800-2100 grams, it reaches a height 40-41 cm. He's getting crowded in the uterus: it can not tip over and are most often located side down. His lungs finally ripen, and in the case of premature birth the child will breathe on their own. However subcutaneous layer until the underdeveloped and poorly retains heat.

36-38 weeks. On the ninth month of pregnancy baby is gaining weight every day (up to 14 grams). His liver accumulates iron, which will help blood formation in the first year of life. Fuzz covering the baby's skin (especially the shoulders and back), delivery on time disappears. The baby is growing rapidly, the uterus becomes too tight, so it felt more intense perturbations.

Typically38 weeks lowered his head to the entrance of the pelvis. The kid is ready for independent living and is counting the days until the birth …

Birth, occurred in the period 38-40 weeks of pregnancy are considered timely. Usually the child is born with a weight of about 3000 grams or more and an increase of about 50 centimeters. Newborn he published the first cry. The child is breathing independently, his heart beats, it is actively moving arms and legs.

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