Diamond missile system. Fortress in space

Missile complex "Diamond" , his fate, like the fate of its founder Vladimir Chelomeya and members of the secret space unit was tragic. If it was possible to realize this project to the end, now in Earth orbit flew to space dozen fortresses, able not only to conduct reconnaissance, but also destroy enemy spacecraft, bombing the objects on the surface of the earth, and their crews would conduct a full-scale sabotage operations in space. "Space Odyssey" Lucas could well be a reality

The system, which began designing in KB Chelomeya the spring of 1964, was truly unique. Nothing like this has offered no KB Soviet Union, and the Americans have such a development was not even in the long term.
Manned space complex "Diamond" included a multi-purpose space station of 100 square meters and a weight of 17.8 tons, high-energy transport supply ship with qualitatively new node connections of up to 18 tons and two reusable reentry system, each of which was designed for three Astronauts and about 100 kg. payload.

But, most importantly, in addition to scientific objectives, "Diamond" and could perform military functions, knocking down enemy satellites and causing air strikes against targets on the surface of the Earth. In this case, although the crew of "Diamond" was to consist of six people, the station is able to fight and unmanned, automated manner.

In the film, attended by Director General of NPO. Khrunichev Oleg Kiselyov, the designer of Space Technology Anatoly Fortunately, the constructor of the complex "Diamond" Vladimir Poliachenko, test cosmonaut Leonard Smirichevsky, a military expert Maxim Shingarkin, pilot-cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the developer of missile systems Vladimir Dvorkin, a developer of nuclear systems Igor Ostrecov pilot cosmonaut Pavel Popovich.

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