Different points of view on the cleansing of the body

Different points of view on the cleansing of the body.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

Galina Klimenko, doctor-proctologist, a specialist in colon hydrotherapy, Center for Health of the Government of Moscow, MD:

Colon hydrotherapy stimulates the immune system, improves mood, restores tone. All of our bodies are associated with different parts of the large intestine. And as the walls of the intestine are cleared, stop the possible starvation of an organ.

After a series of procedures intestine gets normal in size, so the stomach is flat and taut, and the figure — a more harmonious. Normal metabolism and water balance. Clean Water flushes toxins and well absorbed into, and thus, the liquid rapidly excreted from the body, swelling goes away. But it must be remembered that the course of treatments may appoint a doctor.

Irina Degtyareva, Professor, Vice-President of the Association of Gastroenterology, MD:

A fashion purgation may cause dysbiosis — change of intestinal microflora, reducing the number of normal and increase the number of pathogenic intestinal bacteria. Sometimes women seeking by all means to lose weight, start abusing subaquatic tubs (washing the colon under pressure, the removal of fecal matter). When these "cleansing" procedures at the same time washed normal flora often occurs ectocolon. Therefore, frequent enemas, intestinal irrigation, hydro popular now could cause a new disease.

Piotr Karpenko, professor, senior nutritionist Ministry of Health:

As such, the term "slag" in science does not exist. So the idea that the body can "clean up" garbage — not true. The body — a complex system, and the elimination of toxic substances from it should happen naturally. And a healthy body with the task successfully handles himself, without help from the outside. And if you really want to help him so, just try to establish nutrition: Eat fiber-rich plant foods (very useful in this regard, natural juices). And anyway, if not to overload the stomach with food and observe moderation, then "wash" will not be needed.

Sergei Duda, practicing doctor, MD:

"Clean up" the liver can be a strict diet and absolute abstinence from smoking and alcohol. Well to the observance of religious fasts. All drugs can be prescribed only after a physician survey. And most people's money (say, swallowing vegetable oil) — generally unacceptable burden on either the innocent body.

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