Dispersed the protesters in the United States with the democratic whistle

World Police — United States — faced with a rather severe discrepancy. While the world is practically "shaking" of non-democratic regimes in Russia, Syria, Iran, Belarus and other countries inside the Star-Spangled own country there are apostates from the immutable commandments of white houses. These apostates under the motto "Okuppiruy own city!" Are arranged in parks his tent anti-democratic, anti-democratic reform offer an economic model of the United States, anti-democratic express their point of view, zakleivaya for themselves mouths worn dollar bills.

For a couple of months of U.S. action "dissent" turned into a massive action which, by the way, according to the data of news is supported by almost half of all respondents Yankees. In the credit of trust protesters refuse to just over 27 percent. It would seem, what could be more democratic than the way South American people, expresses his outlook on the situation in the country. But …

Suddenly, in the reports of the same news agencies there are reports about the fact that, it appears, not only from Lukashenko, Putin and Assad has batons and tear gas. It turns out that the most important supporter of democracy in the world, Barack Obama has decided to open the cells with riot police, bloodthirsty protesters on Wall Street and the streets of many large U.S. cities. Here, the most human, after the trial in the "Caucasian Captive", the court of New York has decided to demolish the camp of protesters in the park Zukkoti, explaining that some of these "sub-humans" led the drug trade, and some even more than that — urinated on the maple tree. The decision was made — and masked men with rubber truncheons in their hands rushed to beat everyone, without exception, "Dissent", simultaneously tearing posters and taking down the tent.

So here it is what true democracy is the person who showed the world the Emperor Obama. It turns out that the outlook expressed by the majority — this is not a sign of a democratic society. It seems that in the United States decided to use all eternity Russian interpretation, which could be, by the way, and patent — "sovereign democracy." Like, we just need people to advance their own interests. But as people begins to think not because we need — from that of the people can and must be disposed of so as not to disturb. "No man, and no problems!" — As one said all recognizable historical figure.

In connection with nedavneshnimi disperse rallies, demolition of tents people expressing their dissatisfaction with the monetary policy of the country and large-scale arrests, one can give the South American event title "Enforcement authorities of the South American nation to the world." But for such a statement Obama will have to pay Dmitry Medvedev, because it is his know-how.

Need to see that the leaders of the United States did not refer to the demonstrators nor the "revolutionaries" or "fighters for democracy" or simply "the protesters." Snow-white House gave them one name — "rebels". Although such incidents in Libya or Syria evoke the same white houses passive democratic anger. Here on Manezh Square Russian capital, either in the main street of Damascus — then, of course, the men of truth, who are persecuted authoritarian or even totalitarian regimes. And in the parks and squares of New York, Oakland, Nashville, San Francisco and other cities in the U.S. — that "have no understanding outcasts" who have come to undermine the democratic framework of the country.

Apparently, the American authorities have some hidden device buntometr, which can assist them to distinguish between "revolutionary" from the "rebel", "fighter for justice" from the "evil troll".

One can imagine how the device itself, designed by the powers that be the Yankees. Option such: it scans the terrain, and if "seen" as a background Kremlin protesters, Gaddafi's palace, the residence of Lukashenko or landscape Damascus, then it is well lit orange lettering "Urgent assist the revolutionaries!" If in the background buntometr detects posters crossed Faith of Barack Obama or the familiar terrain of New York City, the lights flickering greenish inscription "Rebellion — fight!»

And then what we have is not democracy …

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