Doctors advise on how to behave in a smog


According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, only in forests and peat bogs of the country recorded 420 fires that engulfed more than 260 hectares. Meanwhile in some areas of Gomel and Vitebsk region, where fires had also pulled smoke. As they say Representatives of hydrometeorological, it has brought winds of Russia and Ukraine, which is still raging forest and peat bog fires. MOE specialists among others noticed a very flammable circumstances in Chernobyl zone. According to them, the fire in the radiation-contaminated forest there is a risk that radioactive substances razlyatsyatstsa with smoke over long distances.

Due to difficult environmental circumstances of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Russia have developed a code of conduct for citizens in such circumstances.

When smog and air zadymlenastsi citizens advised to close windows, wearing surgical masks and rarely go out, because the smoke — a risk factor for lung and bronchus, skin, and mucous membranes. Also draws attention to the possibility of allergic reactions. A lot of people complain about the tears in his eyes, pyarshenne throat, headache and dizziness, fatigue, mlosts, vomiting.

At the time I could better give up the contact lenses and hypnotics

The current was able to add the hassle of specialists of different fields of medicine. According otalyaryngolyagav if long breathe acrid smoke poisoning can begin, as the products of combustion enter the respiratory tract into the blood and then spread throughout the body, uzdeynichayuchy on vision, hearing, nervous and other systems of the body.

As the therapists, smoky air prevents not only breathing, but yakasnamu normal sleep. This is a very harmful, because during sleep the body are derived from harmful substances, the synthesis of some hormones, ionic balance is restored. Physicians are advised, however, not to abuse sleeping pills.

Very harmful smoke of forest and peat fires for those who have a chronic eye disease. Optometrist advise their patients to Arm yourself with appropriate medications and fewer days in the aggressive environment for the eyes.

Chemical products of combustion enter the respiratory tract into the blood and then spread throughout the body, affecting among other things, on vision, hearing, and general well-being …

For the prevention of these patients have to dig into my eyes in the morning and in the evening appointed doctors drop. Those who work with the computer, it is advisable to use drugs against the "dry eye" — the so-called "natural" or "artificial tears" that are found in every pharmacy. Experts also recommend that could be removed by the contact lenses and switch to glasses. By the way, goggles, like dirt, the heat and smoke filled the air should be to everyone.

It is believed that the smoke itself to eyes in two ways. First, there is irritation of nerve endings, which causes a feeling of svyatlaboyazi, slezatsyachenne, the feeling of dust in the eye. Furthermore, smoke carries chemicals which may be dissolved in poor liquid and then there ocular toxicity. Symptoms of toxic lesions are identical to those developed for smoke irritation of nerve endings of the eye.

Drinking lots of water and do not buy watermelons on the street

To reduce the overall toxic effects, it is recommended, if not supratspakazannyav, take a multivitamin, eat easily digestible and rich in vitamins and minerals, food, preferring vegetables and fruits. It is not worth buying in the street watermelons which are longer than a week. After all, they are like a sponge, soaking up all sorts of toxins.

Also, doctors are advised to drink a lot, especially mineral and salt water, and lactic acid drinks. But soft drinks are better excluded from the diet. Strongly recommended to take alcoholic drinks and beer. Also, it is advisable not to smoke.

If the smell of smoke increases should be worn water-soaked gauze masks. This is especially true for the elderly, children and those with chronic diseases: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, or that the allergy. In addition, the premises must carry out daily wet cleaning. Do not, however, get involved in kandytsyyanavannem air, as the old air conditioners can cause very serious illness.

Relief should bring rinsing the nose and throat, as well as a cool shower several times a day. Choosing clothes, you need to be natural fabrics, remind doctors.

Doctors also pay special attention to young parents to ensure that babies under 1 year at the time of the heat and zadymlenastsi not to introduce a new lure. As such but the older children are especially vulnerable to carbon monoxide, the Belarusian doctors advise parents not to travel on a vacation in regions with unfavorable ecological situation, for example, the Russian south or in the suburbs, as is predicted, the smoke will still be some time reach the outskirts there.

Chemical products of combustion enter the respiratory tract into the blood and then spread throughout the body, affecting among other things, on vision, hearing, and general health.

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